Winter Sunlight

*falls over*

Much website updating, most of it behind the scenes, dinking about with CSS and such. Why oh why did I hardcode all my font sizes?! I guess in 2008 that made sense to me.

Anyway, among other things, I have redone the top menus on my webcomic pages to hopefully make them cleaner and easier to use. :) Go see! I also now have an about page (Orion's suggestion!), which will probably undergo a good deal of modification in upcoming weeks as I think of new things to add and find new ways of breaking my buggy CSS. Anyway, if you are wondering what Kismet is all about, have a look. :)

I technically have a forum now but I'm not linking it from the main pages quite yet; however, it's live and open for business. Mostly I wanted a place for posting old art and such, and consolidating discussion all in one place. I'd originally planned to do that sort of thing on the Kismet tumblr but it feels too public for some of the old development art, and Tumblr sucks for discussion, so ... yeah.

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*picks sholio up and dusts her down* *offers stiff drink and hugs*

Wow, lots of work! I suppose I should update my own website - there's lots of artwork to upload. Why is it so hard?! *flails*
It IS a lot of work, and working on the site is time not spent doing creative stuff! (Though sometimes I feel like the break from creative stuff is nice ...)

Oh, we got the card, btw -- thank you so much! :) Er, would you consider it terribly insulting to get a card after Christmas? I really MEANT to get cards out this year (more than the couple I've managed so far) but I still have most of a box of cards and I hate to just throw it away ...
Yes, the card arrived!! You don't have to send me a card back, but if you do, after Christmas is perfectly fine with me! :)