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Thank you so much to everyone for your answers to the book question! :) I may not get around to answering everyone individually, but I REALLY appreciate all the answers - it's very useful, and I'm also really interested in the wide variety of answers, though the common theme throughout a lot of them is that word-of-mouth (from friends, family, social media, etc) is probably THE big way that people find new books. (I also think I need to learn how to use Goodreads....)

Anyway, I'm way behind on comments as always, so I wanted to say that just in case I don't get around to answering everyone individually.

In other news, I updated Kismet early tonight (Red Wolf of Tertia, yessssss; it's such a lovely feeling to get to parts of the storyline that I've been sitting on for YEARS) and I've been dinking around with the header links, trying to make them more user-friendly. The fundamental problem, I guess, is that I have a ton of stuff to link to, and I'm not sure how much of it is useful enough to be worth cluttering up the header with. (I know I don't need separate links to the LJ and the DW since they crosspost, but which is more useful? Why is this hard?)

I still don't have automatic-updating capabilities and probably won't until I break down and teach myself to write CGI scripts, but by now I've gotten the comic-updating protocol down to a matter of minutes, including updating all the places around the website where it needs to update, and updating the RSS feed. (Orion claims people don't use RSS feeds anymore. I am, for the time being, ignoring him.)

Also, I posted some pictures of solstice fireworks over on my realname blog. THE DAYS ARE GETTING LONGER NOW. WE MAY SURVIVE. \o/ Relatedly, check out this nifty graphic I found on Facebook that shows how many hours of daylight various places around Alaska get on the solstice. It's a neat way of looking at how incredibly big Alaska is, and how much difference a few degrees of latitude makes when you're this close to the Arctic Circle.

Oh, and guys, just LOOK at my h/c bingo card. :D I only have 8 squares to go for a blackout! I've never gotten that close before! I don't know if I can manage to write all of them by Jan. 3, though, which is when Round 5 closes. Is it tacky to write Yuletide treats that I plan to claim for h/c bingo squares? Does anyone ever do that?

ETA: ALSO I'M PROBABLY GOING TO KILL THE CAT SOON. Just fyi. (It's gotten colder so he can't go outside, and he will. not. stop. getting into things.)

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yea, I'm pretty much an outlier in that I don't pick up books on recommendations but just go to the book store A LOT. Also, I'm amazed by the 'library' responses. I haven't been in a library in over 20 years :(

Also, I do use the amazon recommendation thing to see what the upcoming releases are and others. Since I keep my amazon profile up to date on books I've bought, it's pretty accurate on my tastes. And then I go and buy the book at my local independent bookstore to support them.

I can only think of one or two books I got purely on a review - and that was because they weren't on a subject I usually read in (contemporary fiction). And I don't really have similar tastes to my local friends, so we really don't talk books with each other - though we all do read like crazy. One friend loves trashy romances, another reads all upbrow classical stuff, one loves vampire/dark fantasy types and another reads strange humor books.

Neat fireworks - and interesting on the sunlight thing!
Y'know, I really don't think it's THAT unusual at all. My sample is very heavily skewed here! :D I know quite a few people in my family who probably only get books from browsing bookstore and library shelves. 15 years ago, that would totally have been me as well; I've just shifted over to getting most of my recommendations online. But I think quite a lot of people do it like that.

I really like the Amazon recs -- even if I don't end up buying things all that often, it's fun to browse them! :D

... btw, I really appreciate your support with my original projects. I don't think I say that often enough, but I truly do; you're great. :)
So about 3 hours 42 mins of sunlight, hmm, maybe Fairbanks needs a big mirror to angle the sunlight down onto it? :D Of course, it could be worse. It could be 0 sun *shudders*

I don't think anyone would mind if a treat also filled a square on your bingo card. Certainly, it wouldn't bother me at all!

Do not kill the cat. You will regret it. Maybe...
The Cat Came Back
Yeah, there are places that get NO sunlight, so I guess we should be happy with what we have ...