Autumn-berries in sunlight

Sunless Sea ...

.... continues to be haunting, lovely, and absolutely impossible to progress though. XD On my last voyage, I managed to avoid getting killed by anything (mostly by running the other way as fast as possible as soon as I saw a monster or a pirate ship), only to run out of provisions and fuel. Pirate Sally (my latest doomed character) ended up abandoning her ship and mutinous crew, and becoming a castaway on a rocky island.

I'm sure you can do more than sail in a random direction until you die, but so far none of the islands I've landed on have been able to give me much in the way of useful items. I did find one island where I could replenish my provisions (in the form of fungus) but wasn't anywhere near it when we ran out of food and had to resort to cannibalism. I'm starting to realize that loading up on EVERYTHING at any point you can get it is probably the only way to survive. Not unlike a real 19th-century ocean voyage, I guess ...

(One thing I will say for this game, especially with the Rogue-style "one death is all you get" gameplay, it ABSOLUTELY impresses upon you the claustrophobic terror of being stranded on the endless dark sea, with no land in sight and every chance you won't make it home again ...)

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and had to resort to cannibalism
So matter-of-fact! I hate it when that happens, but gee, what can you do?

It doesn't sound like a game I would ever play, but I am loving the way you write about it!
Heeee, thank you. :) I'm not sure how much headway I'm actually making (or, for that matter, whether it's even possible to make headway) but I'm entertaining myself, at least!

The game is remarkably matter-of-fact about things like cannibalism or going crazy from sheer terror. You know. The usual stuff.