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In other news

Steam is having a holiday game sale, so I treated myself to Sunless Sea, and started playing it tonight.

So how is it going, [personal profile] sholio, you ask?


Let me put it this way: I've stopped naming my captains and picking out backstories for them, because it's like naming feeder mice.

My biggest problem thus far is that my weapons don't seem to do anything to sea monsters. What are you supposed to DO once a sea monster gets after you? Because it seems like all I can do at that point is get attacked until I sink.

I was delighted with myself for figuring out how to dock on Hunter's Keep, after helplessly running into a number of smaller islands because I couldn't figure out that you need, y'know, docks.

But then I set sail and a sea monster ate me, so it was back to square one.

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I've stopped naming my captains and picking out backstories for them, because it's like naming feeder mice.
This made me laugh out loud.
Hee! Maybe I'll start naming them again if I manage to survive more than a few minutes out of port.

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Hee, okay, now I'm curious~ (when I play Rogue-like games - this sounds Rogue-like, at least in the no-return-to-save-state constantly-dying mechanic? - I name my characters [RandomName] the #th: Gonnadie the First, Second, Third, etc, and imagine they're all from a long line of a very very cursed family...)
ahahahaha! I like that plan! :D

Yes, it's a roguelike game mechanic on character death. You can set it to an easy mode where you get savepoints, but I'm kind of enjoying the hard mode (and one game review I ran across said that once you set it to easy mode, you can't change it back).

I'm definitely having fun, even with all the dying! Apparently there is not a whole lot of game content yet, so "sail around a bit, get killed by a sea monster/pirates/run out of food and eat your crew" basically IS the game. I just wish I could make it five minutes out of port without dying ... XD
I've been looking at that game -- I really like the aesthetic! And if it's like most roguelike games, it seems like something I could pick up for an hour or two and then put down. I like to have a few of those around for when I need a break and don't have time to go adventuring in Skyrim or Dragon Age.

I'd probably die a lot though. A lot a lot.
As far as I can tell, there's very little you can do in this game other than dying. XD

I'm enjoying it, though! And it's very cheap, especially with the sale. Nice atmosphere. I don't know if you ever played Myst or Riven, but the audio f/x are such an amazing nostalgia-flashback to that game; I'm really enjoying that aspect of it too.