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I need to use my Christmas icons before the season is past!

The last few days I've been hip-deep in novel revisions and it's completely exhausting the verbal part of my brain, to the point where I can't even scrape together enough brain cells to answer comments, let alone to post anything. I decided to take today (mostly) off and work on a few smaller things that have been getting shoved to the back burner. The fact that this frees up brain processing cycles for dinking around on social media is a nice bonus. :D

... also, tonight is the series finale of White Collar. Being the enormous dork that I am, I've obtained a bottle of pretty decent wine so that I can have either an Irish wake or a pity/rage party, depending on how the finale goes. (I am not at all spoiled for it and haven't watched any trailers/clips; DO NOT SPOIL ME PLEASE.)

Books - I meant to do a reading post yesterday for the reading-on-Wednesday meme, but, uh, see above re: lack of functional brain cells. I've actually been reading quite a bit because the only way to make my brain kick out of editing mode in the evening so that I can fall asleep is to get away from the computer and lose myself in a book. Most recently I've read:

Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood - the first of the Phryne Fisher historical mystery novels, which I've heard people on my flist talk about! This one's been sitting on my Kindle for awhile because I downloaded it during a time when it was being offered as a freebie, and I finally got around to reading it. It was a lot of fun, with engaging characters and a witty, playful narrative voice; I can see why people like them! Sadly it looks like the entire rest of the series is checked out of the library right now, so I'll simply have to pounce on them when they come back in.

The Martian by Andy Weir - This book was SO GOOD, you guys! I absolutely adore "problem-solving" SF -- it's one of the things I love most in the genre, really. A lot of sci-fi (and other kinds of fiction too - wilderness-survival fiction, especially, which this also is) follows the general formula: "You have a problem. You have some random items. Now come up with a clever way of solving your problem." I EAT THIS STUFF UP WITH A SPOON. And this book is 300 pages of it. It's also solidly researched hard SF, which I also adore as long as the technical side doesn't overwhelm the human side, and I never felt like this did.

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Sometimes we really need fandom greeting cards - "my condolences on the finale of your show"! I hope the end is worth it, I'm looking forward to what you think of it (depending on how it goes I might watch this last season at least...)

I haven't read the Phryne Fisher novels (though I got several of them for Christmas last year, I just recalled, whoops!) but if you haven't seen the Australian TV series I really recommend it, it's a ton of fun!
Using my White Collar icons while I still can, because if the finale turns out awful, I may not be able to look at them for awhile ... XD (I'm bracing myself for the worst, so that if the best happens, I'll be pleasantly surprised!)

But yeah, we should TOTALLY have fannish greeting cards! "Condolences on the finale of your show" ... "Congratulations! Your OTP got together!" ... "Happy Season Premiere Day!" ... etc.

I have also heard good things about the Phryne Fisher TV show! And Netflix seems to have it streaming. Oooh. :D (I still have most of a disc of Brooklyn 99 to watch, but I may just send it back and switch to this. So far I'm way less enamored of that show than most of Tumbr seems to be. It's cute? but I find most of the characters really irritating in a typically sitcommy sort of way.)
Bracing for the worst is the safer way to go, has the rest of the season been? It sounded like you enjoyed the first couple eps but I don't think I've read any recent posts on them.

Yup, Netflix has the first two seasons streaming. (And aww, I love Brooklyn 99, sorry it's not to your taste!)
I might just need to give Brooklyn 99 more of a chance! A lot of shows take awhile to grab me. I think one of the things making it less of a priority for me right now is that this is yet another show Orion's not interested in, so I'm watching it by myself, and if I'm going to watch stuff by myself I'd rather watch something I have more fannish engagement with (like, say, I-Man). I think Brooklyn 99 might be a show that'd benefit hugely from watching it in a group of people who are all into it. Maybe a fangirl party one of these days ...

As for White Collar, I've been really loving this season! Tone-wise, it feels like a throwback to some of the earlier seasons, say season 2 or 3, rather than the darker turn the show took in the last couple of seasons. For me, so far, they're going out on a high note; I just hope they can stick the landing.

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You like The Martian! \o/ *runs around madly* *bounces all over* Sorry!

This book really has been one of my highlights this year. :)