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Invisible Man watch/rewatch - 1x06 The Devil You Know

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Invisible Man 1x06 - The Devil You Know

So overall I liked this episode a lot. It was a lot of fun, some neat character stuff, and I'm generally fond of the ends-justify-the-means political scheming on this show. (Uh, not that I suppose that kind of thing in real life, obviously! I just find it interesting, fictionally.)

.... also, the upside-down slide in the briefing at the beginning. XD These are the kinds of little things that I love this show for.

In the beach scene I was ... sort of expecting Darien to go into the van to turn invisible instead of doing it IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY in the middle of the beach. Way to protect your classified asset there, Agency. (Actually, in general this show displays an AMAZING lack of concern for Darien's supposedly classified-at-the-highest-level powers. Yes, it makes a nice visual when he just strolls across a road or park or HEAVILY POPULATED BEACH while turning invisible, but really!)

I love how Darien is actually trying to get the Agency decommissioned in the hearings ... by telling the truth.

Good lord, the feds are skeezy on this show. I mean, yeah, New Director Guy is clearly a socially climbing sleazeball, but it's more or less implied that everyone else is nearly as bad, especially based on what what we've seen in past episodes.

This is the episode that I alluded to back in the comments to 1x01, when we were talking about Arnaud's plans for the gland, and whether he'd essentially intended to make an army of berserkers. I'd remembered the quicksilver-madness thing being more weaponized here, whereas it's actually more that they're hanging it over his head as a threat, but if this situation had continued, I can't think that it wouldn't have been something they'd get around to using eventually.


Anyway, the bad guy in this one is horrifically sleazy and manipulative in a way that's all too plausible. I'm not quiiiiite sure how to feel about the feel-good stuff at the end of this episode, because the Official is still a terrifying Machiavellian bastard (even if he's their Machiavellian bastard) and Darien is still an indentured servant of the government. I kinda feel like this is one of the episodes where the show is trying to have its cake and eat it too (the previous one as well, with Claire staying with the Agency at the end) -- where they want to do the dark stuff, but also the lighter feel-good stuff, and it ends up meeting in the middle in a rather strange tonal blend.

.... that said, I absolutely adore Darien's little giggle and general playfulness in that scene that bit in the hallway right before the final scene. It's so vanishingly rare to see him smile.


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