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Invisible Man watch/rewatch - 1x05 Impetus

On with the rewatch!

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Invisible Man 1x05 - Impetus

Holy moly, it's an episode that ended happily, and even ended happily for the experimental test subject. :O

And a Claire-centric episode, which was lovely. Despite the silliness of the disease-of-the-week plot (Darien's old-man makeup .... XD) I really liked this one. There was quite a bit of fun character stuff, and lots of Claire. And I can FINALLY use her name in the dicussions, since this was the episode in which her name was made canon!

This was the episode I alluded to vaguely back in the 1x01 discussion, with the mention of Darien's invisible-stalkerness not quite going away. At least in this case he had a good plot reason for it -- it was more like incidental/accidental voyeurism than intentionally setting out to do that -- and she did call him out on it later.

Another thing that bugged me about the episode is that Claire and Gloria are the people who suffered the most from Evil Military Guy & Henchman's shenanigans, but it was the male members of the team who took them down.

But overall I liked this one a lot. I continue to enjoy the members of the team all having their own agendas, and this was a more feel-good episode in some ways than the darker ones that preceded it.

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I did like that happy ending. That really didn't happen all that often, did it? Lots of bittersweet, or downright angsty endings, but not a lot of happy ones.

Which was what I was looking for, while the show was running. But i find I have a little less thirst for melancholy and misery these days.
I don't remember it staying this bleak -- I think there's more of a balance of downer endings to cheerful endings as it goes along. But I'm pretty sure this is the first really upbeat ending that we got!
Huh, for some reason this post never showed up on my flist. Well, I'm responding now?

This is probably the first episode past the pilot I really enjoyed. I like getting that glimpse of the real Claire, past the all-knowing doctor persona. And I really liked that bit at the end, where she tells Darien that yes, she does have a reason for staying at the Agency-- Darien himself. It's just a nice note, the first we've seen anyone in the series showing they actually care for Darien's well being beyond making sure he's operational so he can do things for them.
They're starting to feel a bit more teamy, which is nice! They all still have their own agendas, but yeah, I think this is the first time we've seen someone being concerned for Darien as a person rather than a useful tool.