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Invisible Man 1x03 - Ralph

Okay, so first of all, I AGREE FOREVER with Darien that this is a terrible, terrible thing to do to a child. (Which I was thinking even before Darien started having issues with it.) Way to give this kid problems telling fantasy from reality FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

Along those lines, I didn't quite buy that her reaction to "Ralph" was "you don't look right" rather than "You're not real!" My sister and I had a whole pantheon of imaginary playmates, but I don't think at any point we thought they actually existed, or would have been anything other than scared out of our minds if they started talking to us.

... that said, Darien and the little girl were absolutely adorable together.

This bit, though:
Jess: "I'm your only friend!"
Darien: "You know what? You may have a point there."



He's so adorable, though! He's like a big puppy.

I also really liked that Jess was a rather tomboyish little girl who liked playing in the woods, rather than a super girly girl. Not that there's anything wrong with being a girly girl, but you don't see the other kind on TV all that much.

The trick with the bulletproof lining of Darien's jacket was a neat twist I didn't remember, though SO MANY things about that part didn't make sense (wouldn't he have noticed the extra weight? and why did the sniper just leave his body lying there?). Also, the characters on this show have terrible, terrible trigger discipline, even the good guys.

LOL'ing forever at the Agency using Fish & Game investigations as a cover for their own investigation, while also at least nominally doing the work they were supposedly hired to do. Another thing about that early scene at the crime scene - while I did remember the thing with Hobbes's mental illness having gotten him fired from other agencies, I didn't realize that it was brought up so early in the show.

Hmm, other thoughts ... the scene at the end is really beautifully shot, with the sunset light. (Though there is something vaguely wtf about Darien comparing an 8-year-old girl to his own personal Irene Adler. IN WHAT WAY IS THAT COMPARISON ACCURATE OR APPROPRIATE, DARIEN.)

Overall: really cute episode, if slightly lacking in plot logic. And Darien is a total sweetheart.

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