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Fic updates

For anyone tracking my fic on AO3, apologies for this afternoon's ficalanche -- I finally got most of the rest of the Fallen London/White Collar AU fics uploaded. Several of them have never been posted before. There's still one that I haven't uploaded yet (my Jack of Smiles fic, because it's a follow-up to a fic that Frith hasn't posted on AO3 yet) but at this point nearly everything is up, including a few fics that we'd only exchanged in email.

The whole series on AO3.

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Yay, you've posted it! :)
I think "A State of Some Confusion" and the last one, "Hunting Jack in Polythreme" are my favorites. ♥ Wish you and Frith a lot of inspiration to continue it! :)
Awww, thank you! :) It feels good to finally get all of it online (well, except for unfinished snippet-bits).
Snippet bits sound promising:) I remember the one about Adler in last year's Fandom Stockings - I really liked it:)