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Invisible Man watch/rewatch - 1x02 Catevari

Outside of spoiler-cut, I feel compelled to mention that the series doesn't stay this dark, which may be either an enticement or a warning. Actually, by the point I've reached in my own rewatching (late season one) it verges on pure comedy at times. Which is a bizarre mood shift considering how incredibly dark this episode is ...

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Invisible Man 1x02 - The Catevari

And here is the cast change I mentioned in an earlier post: Casey, Darien's ex-girlfriend, vanishes without explanation, and we get the Keeper instead. I'm not sure if there was some problem with retaining the actress, or if they decided to go in a different direction. Who knows.

Strictly from a dramatic standpoint, aside from What the hell happened to Casey (which I guess can be explained as simply as "she came to her senses and realized she did not actually want to be involved with this"), I really like the choice they went with. Besides just loving the Keeper as a character, I love the conflicted and ambiguous relationship that she has with Darien. It's not just that he doubts if he can trust her -- he absolutely knows he can't (attempts to Stockholm Syndrome him into trusting her notwithstanding ...).

It also removes the last lynchpin of his previous life and support system. He literally has NO ONE in his life right now who isn't working for the government ... and they're all more loyal to the government and the Agency than to him. The Keeper is using counteragent to manipulate and control him. Hobbes is working with him only because he's been ordered to. (Speaking of Hobbes: "Look, I understand that you may have ... feelings about working with me. Most people do." Ouch.)

In fact, there's very little about this episode that isn't dark. Darien can't trust the people around him, and gets proof (of a sort) that they consider him disposable, as well as evidence of how far they're willing to go to achieve their goals. The Catavari dies in what basically amounts to suicide by cop. The Agency is terrifyingly amoral in terms of what they're willing to sanction.

(On a more amusing side note, I am unreasonably amused by Darien's "I can't be bothered to shave today" little beard of depression.)

This episode also has a particularly obnoxious bit of racism in the form of the stereotyped Indian doctor at the asylum. Do not want, show.

I don't think I have too many other thoughts on this one at the moment. Your thoughts?

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I had actually forgotten about Casey. I feel a bit bad about that.

I remember reading several fics written around this episode, though by this point I can't possibly find them again. That's not really surprising I guess -- it really is one of the darkest episodes in this show, and at the time I was mostly searching out (excessively) angsty fanfic, so . . .

One of the frustrating things about getting back into a show after so long away from it is the fact that so much of the fic has disappeared! There used to be at least one big (well, biggish -- it was never a terribly large fandom) fic archive that's gone now.

I'd forgotten about Casey too! I was genuinely startled to discover that the Keeper wasn't the main female scientist in the pilot.