Invisible Man-Darien in prison

Some Invisible Man icon sources

It turns out that trying to find LJ-style icons for a show that's almost 15 years old and has next to no existing fandom is really hard. I keep finding places that USED TO have icons but now have sad little white boxes or "journal deleted" notices. (And yes, I could make my own, and I may do that at some point, but I'm lazy. Part of the problem is that making screencaps is an enormous pain since Apple in its infinite wisdom decided to make it as hard as possible to take screenshots from a DVD. I get not wanting people to be able to rip it, but screenshots? Seriously?)

Anyway, I did find some icon posts still active, in case other people want some!

Icons from the pilot
More icons from the pilot
Still more icons from the pilot
Assorted icons from the first few episodes (no major spoilers that I noticed)
General season one icons (contains some spoilers)
Invisible Man icons as part of a misc icons post (no spoilers I noticed)
Invisible Man icons in a multifandom icon post (didn't see any spoilers)
Icons mostly from episode 2 (lots of needles in this set, for the needle-averse)

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Doesn't VLC work on Macs? Cause it's very handy to take screenshots.
It does, but I find it difficult to play DVDs in it -- I don't know if the non-Mac version has a more intuitive interface or if there's an easier way to play DVDs that I haven't discovered yet, but you have to navigate manually through all the tracks on the DVD and figure out which one is which episode largely by guesswork, and then find the right part of the episode since it doesn't save your place ... 'tis a pain. I usually just go to my old computer and launch the DVD in that, since the DVD player in the old version of the OS doesn't lock out screenshots.
I don't know I don't have problems with VLC, it launches automatically the DVD when I insert it. And if I have to start the DVD manually, I just got to select the "driver" from the VLC menu...
Hmmm! I have to navigate from the file menu to the DVD, find the folder with the tracks in it and open them 'til I find the right one. I can poke around and see if maybe there's an easier way to do it.
do you have a last release of VLC? It might help. There use to have a bug that seems to be fixed. (In my case it was launching the DVD automatically but it wasn't "clikable" which was annoying.)

In any case, when I want to start a disc on VLC manually I go to the media menu, read a disc, there I select the drive and I just press play, and it launches the DVD.