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Hello, new friending meme people :)

Since there are some new people following me from the friending meme, as well as a number of new people having added me over the months since I got into MCU fandom, I figured an introductory post would be in order.

- Most people added me on the basis of MCU/Steve-and-Bucky stuff, and I am still into that; I just haven't been posting about it. I've gone kind of lurky. But I'm definitely not out of the fandom yet! I've also fallen back into White Collar somewhat with the new season airing (it was my main fandom for about three years) and I'm just getting back into Invisible Man, early-2000s sci-fi show, for which I'm about to put up an episode discussion post in a minute.

- About me: writer, artist, lives in Alaska. I have a sci-fi webcomic (there's an update tumblr, [ profile] kismetcity, where I also reblog stuff related to science, astronomy, or other things in the same general line as the comic). I try to keep my fannish stuff at least plausibly-deniably separate, though I'm generally more careful about not talking about the fannish stuff on the realname side than vice versa.

- I don't post much stuff locked. Usually when I do, there's a reason -- original-writing brainstorming I don't want to share with the world, personal stuff involving other people, random whining, that kind of thing. But most of it's public.

- I also don't have notifications of friending/subscribing/etc turned on, so I usually will not notice if someone new is following me. I never mind new people dropping in to comment on posts. You don't feel like you need to introduce yourself or anything (although you certainly can). If you see something interesting you'd like to comment on, please go ahead!

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Hi! Just thought I'd let you know that I absolutely adore your White Collar fics. All of them are so so so delightful; I always feel warm and fuzzy after reading 'em. So THANK YOU for doing what you're doing, don't ever stop, and I look forward to hopefully seeing more!! Much love from Singapore <3
Hello! Thank you so much for saying so! :) I have been feeling somewhat inspired by White Collar again recently, because of the new season, so thank you very much for stopping by to let me know. <3