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I didn't actually intend to get this far ahead of where the Invisible Man rewatches are going to be, but I've kinda been plowing through it; it's a perfect show for watching while I'm doing mindless, repetitive tasks. My vague recollections were certainly not underestimating how terrible some of the plots are (the sheer number of times that plot developments hinge upon major characters passing around the idiot ball ... augh) but it's also really engaging and fun, not to mention WAY darker than I remembered. I'm crushing hard on the characters right now.

I'll be putting up a discussion post for the pilot tomorrow afternoon.

One thing I wanted to get some input on: you know how on some shows, the casting changes between the pilot and the first regular episode? This is one of those shows. I'm wondering if the exact nature of the cast change is something that could be discussed without considering it a spoiler (it becomes obvious in the first five minutes of the next episode anyway, and it's hard to talk about the episode without talking about that).

The other spoilerish thing that's going to be hard to avoid in discussion is that there are a couple of major characters whose names are not revealed until several episodes into the season. I don't think their names are major spoilers and don't plan to warn for that; it's just sort of a running joke that their occupation titles are their names, until the joke gets dropped at some point.

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Yay! \o/ I'll be putting up a discussion post soon. (btw, I am really enjoying reading your SGA episode reactions, even when I don't comment on them!)
I'm glad you are enjoying the reactions. I've been having so much fun rewatching SGA and it's great to have a place to share my thoughts. I am working on a write-up for Be All My Sins Remember'd. I can't believe just how much these characters have been though. How are they sane???