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Invisible Man rewatch

I am clearly going to need an I-Man icon ...

I actually rewatched the premiere last night (yeah, I know, I have no patience ...) and a) I loved it a lot, and b) I had forgotten how dark this show is, in spite of also being utterly ridiculous. So yes, this rewatch is a GO!

How about the first discussion post going up this Saturday? Does that sound good to everyone? (Since I'm in the Alaska time zone, which is hours behind EVERYWHERE, it'll probably be late Saturday afternoon/evening for most people.)

It looks like the poll results are leaning towards either one or two episodes a week, with most people being able to do both. Why don't we start out with two -- one on the weekend, one in the middle of the week -- and we can always drop down to just putting up a single weekend post if two is too many. Also, the premiere is LONG -- it's almost an hour and a half. So that needs to be factored in too. With so few of us, we can always just decide on the fly if we're going to want another discussion post or two in a particular week, or not.

Discussion of future episodes/plot points will be fine in comments as long as it's hidden (rot13, spoiler-span text, lj-spoiler cuts) so people watching it for the first time can avoid it.

The whole show (both seasons) is available for free on Hulu and it looks like Youtube also has a lot of full episodes, especially the early ones, if you can't get Hulu to work for whatever reason.

Sound good? Start this Saturday? \o?

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