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LJ version of the DW poll

.... aaaand a separate LJ version of the poll, as per usual.

How frequent/formal should the rewatch posts be?

Very informal - I'll just post about the episodes I'm watching every so often, & people can join in as desired
One episode per week
Two episodes a week, with individual discussion posts
A batch of episodes (4-5?) per week, with a collective discussion post
Other (see comments)

How should we handle spoilers for episodes ahead of the one we're discussing?

All spoilers are fair game
Have a non-spoiler post and a spoiler post for each episode*
Avoid spoilers (if possible) in the episode posts but have a general series discussion post where anything goes

Regarding spoilers, also see ETA in the previous post.
I voted all spoilers are fair game, but I do prefer rot13 or some other kind of blanking out of actual spoilers so that people can choose what to expose themselves to. This obviously goes for comments more than the original post. Also I assume when talking spoilers you mean for episodes in the future (not yet discussed).

Edited at 2014-11-19 04:26 am (UTC)
Oh yeah, future episodes only -- obviously not the one we're talking about. :D And yeah, blanking spoilers in discussions sounds good.
I think what I'll do is require spoilers to be hidden, but let people use whatever method they prefer and link to the ROT13 website in the discussion post. (I don't like it myself, but I know a lot of people use it!)