More on the Invisible Man rewatch

Okay, I definitely want to do an Invisible Man rewatch -- I think I'd wanna do it even if nobody joined in, but it looks like there are a few people interested in doing it too!

The main questions, I guess, are:

- How fast to watch it? One episode per week seems too slow, especially for people who are watching it the first time. But I don't want to rush people either.

- How to handle the issue of spoilers? I want newbies to be able to discuss the show without too much risk of getting severely spoiled (although this isn't really a show that suffers hugely from being spoiled, since it doesn't tend to have long arcs ...).

Consequently, a poll:

*FWIW, I don't like the idea of a separate spoiler and non-spoiler post; I've seen discussion communities do that, but it tends to dilute discussion too much. On the other hand, I like the idea of (reasonably) spoiler-free discussion posts plus a general, collective series discussion post where everything goes.

(LJ version of poll)

ETA: [personal profile] alessandriana points out that we can easily have both spoiler and non-spoiler comments in the same discussion as long as people white-text/lj-spoiler-cut their spoilers. Which I hadn't even thought of, but it seems like that would solve the problem!

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One way that people avoid posting spoilers is by using a ROT13 converter.

You paste your text in, it converts it to seemingly "gibberish" and you can post it in line with the rest of the post.

(Rot13) Yvxr guvf!

Just in case that comes in useful for you :)

I know about ROT13, but I don't personally like it because you have to keep pasting your text into a separate window and it's not as easy as just being able to highlight everything or click a drop-down. However, I'll definitely link to it so people can use it. :)
I understand.

Just fyi, there's actually a plugin for Chrome I think that lets you translate it in line. You high light it, right click it or something and it gets translated to regular English right in the text. But I don't know if that plug in exists for other browsers, I haven't seen it for Opera which is what I use.

I can do at most two episodes a week.  Maybe make a post for each episode?  If talking about a later episode in a post use a cut?

Sounds like a good plan! I definitely don't want people to be overwhelmed; I just don't want the pace to be so slow that everyone ends up way ahead of where the discussions are.