Infinite Squee


I was just telling [personal profile] frith_in_thorns about Invisible Man (the early-2000s show) and then I went and checked on Hulu and discovered they have the whole series (both seasons!) for free. I haven't rewatched it in AGES (and I'm pretty sure I've never rewatched season two, since it never came out on DVD) and now I am thinking about maybe running a weekly rewatch -- or first-time watch for people who've never seen it -- while Hulu's still got it up.

Would anyone be interested in that?

If you've never seen it, this show could best be summed up as: adorable characters, utterly ridiculous plots, total slashbait main pairing plus a fabulous female character who make a lovely OT3 together, and scads of canon h/c. The only reason why I didn't write a ton of fanfic for it, I suspect, is because I got into it at a time when I really wasn't writing much fanfic and was mostly in anime/comics fandom circles.

(There is always the possibility that I'll go back and rewatch a couple episodes and find out that it's actually awful, of course.)

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It was! It was also completely silly (I have sometimes said that Fringe has the worst TV science of all time, but I think I-Man might actually have been worse) but it hit a lot of my happy buttons. :)
Sounds vaguely familiar. I hope you still find it fun (or at least something of a guilty pleasure. MacGyver was mine.)
Awww man, MacGyver was my big teen crush, years ago. :D I have rewatched a few episodes of the show and still find it fun, though terribly dated.
Sounds fun! I am up for joining in on watching a fun show.
Yay! I have been meaning to rewatch this FOREVER. I don't know how well I'll do at keeping up, but I'll try.

*uses only I-Man icon*

... and yay! \o/ Which reminds me that I have been meaning to get over to your HL rewatch posts, to comment on them at the very least (I think for me it's still too early for a full rewatch, since I just watched the whole series within the last few years, but that means a lot of it is still fresh in my mind). I'm happy that you're doing it, and it looks like they're getting some good discussion; I just keep wandering off to other things and forgetting to join in ...!