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Shill shill shill XD

My M/M romance novel "Held For Ransom" is out! aka "the one with the ridiculous pun in the title" (Ransom is the name of one of the two main protagonists; I couldn't help myself)

Dreamspinner Press ebook and paperback
Amazon ebook and (hilariously out of print for absolutely no reason considering NO COPIES HAVE SOLD as far as I know) paperback
B&N ebook and paperback

There are a couple of (not particularly graphic, but definitely nsfw) sex scenes, just so you know. And because it is me, there is also a large ensemble cast, a whole lot of family stuff, and some hurt/comfort.

There is also one of those awesomely doofy romance covers with the floating heads above a basically unrelated photo; behold:

Held for Ransom full size cover

.... Which is exactly what I asked for and exactly what I got. I feel a need to point out that in the request sheet for the DSP art department -- who are, by the way, wonderful to work with -- one of the questions has to do with, basically, how much manflesh you want on your cover: clothed? shirtless? totally naked? THEY AIM TO PLEASE.

I'm having a release party today over at my Facebook and my LMW blog. In particular I'm giving away my ~custom art services~ (you could win a custom-drawn bookmark or small art piece on the topic of your choice!), and anyone here is welcome to enter to win, of course. Giveaway post on Facebook - Giveaway post on Wordpress.

(The post says I'm going to do a drawing at 3 p.m. and then run another contest for basically the same thing, but since the response has been light so far, I'll probably just hold off, collect all the entrants on the same posts, and do two drawings in the evening.)

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Aww! Awesome! Congratulations :D

I'm sorry that the motorbike picture is unrelated. Because it is intriguing! :)
Well, it's not 100% unrelated! It is what I asked for -- one of the characters does ride a motorcycle (even if he does very little motorcycle-riding in the actual book) and I thought it'd make a nice image for the cover. It's just so hilariously romance-novel-y, though. :D

And thank you! :D
Congrats. Lovely cover. That reminds me I should do your post on Jana's while at work because my internet is for shit right now.
Did you ever figure out what was in that effing drawer?
You and that DRAWER. gawd. XD

... and this is probably going to drive you INSANE, but would you believe I can't actually remember now?
Congratulations!!! :) The story sounds awesome and the cover looks great. And nice pun :D
Thank you very much! :) (I dunno about awesome, but it's definitely got a lot of my favorite tropes in it ... :D)
I like the cover. yes, very romancey -and cute - :) Which is the sort of book I might have just picked up to check out even not knowing the author.