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Utterly frivolous White Collar poll (LJ edition)

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This poll is very silly and also very spoilery for aired episodes of season six (no spoilers for unaired episodes) so it's under a cut.

Will Peter and Elizabeth's kid be a boy or a girl?

We'll never find out because the season will end too soon :(
Neither/other/something else (explain in comments)

Vote now and get your bragging rights later! :D
I am, for the record, voting for a girl since Diana had a boy. (Though "twins" is a pretty strong contender too.)
I almost voted twins. Can you imagine poor Peter with 2 babies at once?

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That's one of the main reasons why that one's a top contender ... (Also, it means not having to choose!)

In all seriousness, though, I think Peter will turn out to be much better with his own baby than with other people's babies. Most people are. And he was pretty good with the little girl in the treasure hunt episode. :D
could be 2 boys or 2 girls. Or one of each. :-)

That's how I feel it too. Peter would probably feel all awkward at first, but he'd be fully commited to his new role. Neal's right, that kid won the parent lottery! ;-)
Yes, Samantha! And I have to say, the reason I made it a girl, is because those promo stills of Peter with Samantha are just a giant awwww and I've always wanted them to be Peter and his daughter.
oh yes! me too! So frustrating that it was all only through a cellphone screen. But at least we have those wonderful pics... *crosses fingers for a girl*
Heee yeah that's the million dollars question! Who cares about how it's going to end, all I want to know is the sex (and the name!) of the baby!
I say girl, just because that's how I wrote it, a while ago. And that'd be awesome if my fic could become canon. :-)
Ooh, that would be neat if you were right! :D It's always cool when canon imitates fanfic like that.
I am going with a girl just because I would just like to see Peter with a little girl. :D

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It would be super cute! And "girl" definitely seems to be winning the poll! Are you listening, White Collar writers??? :D
I don't think we'll see it on screen but I think it would be SO cute if they had twins :D I mean. Hassled!Peter would be hilarious. Peter and 2 twin girls. Hehehe.
I also voted girl - she'd be Peter's princess and totally haved him wrapped around her little finger :)

Unless of course they're triplets and Neal and Mozzie have to stay in NY simply to help the Burkes with the babies :D
Triplets?! Poor Burkes. XD

... but yeah, Peter would be a doting parent of any child, I think, but he would be such a pushover for a baby girl. :D
I voted twins because that would be so awesome!! :D :D

I do hope they at least let us know the sex of the baby(ies!) before the end, even if that's all we get. (Also very much hoping nothing bad happens, because I really don't want the angst of lost baby/El/other to deal with.)
Oh no, I don't even want to THINK about anything bad happening! Nope, nope, nope.

I think it would just be too cruel to leave us hanging. I'm halfway expecting that we'll either get some kind of time jump during finale, or a little coda to the episode that's set a couple of years later to see how everyone ends up.

I had forgotten how tense it is, waiting for a series finale and knowing that we're going to be stuck with wherever the characters end up. (Well, yes, I know there's always fanfic, but I usually prefer to stick pretty close to wherever canon leaves things ...)
A timejump or coda would be great! And of course everything will turn out fine! This is White Collar, not SGU.
I want a girl, because. I have no real reason. I just want the baby to be a girl. :D