Halloween night

All the Halloween ficlets are done. Thank you to everyone who prompted me! The longer ones were posted or reposted on AO3:

Winternight (MCU, 1200 wds) - Jane and Thor at an Asgardian autumn/day-of-the-dead festival (post-Thor 2).

waited long enough (MCU, 1400 wds) - Natasha-centric timestamp fic for Written in Blood and Bone.

Out of the Cold (MCU, 1600 wds) - My take on the "Steve and Bucky can't get warm after 70 years frozen" fic trope.

Wolf Run (White Collar, 2200 wds) - Another fic in the Peter-and-Diana-are-werewolves universe.

The rest of the (shorter) fics are linked from the original post.

Otherwise, 'tis a quiet night. We're too far out in the country to get trick-or-treaters (though I usually try to have candy on hand just in case, after a decade we've yet to get a single one, and this year I didn't bother). I have a glass of wine, and now I'm gonna work on this month's reward package for the Kismet Patreon backers.

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Trick-or-treating's a weird thing - we got all of one this year, thought we had candy and everything - this neighborhood has fair number of kids but I'm guessing there must be specific recommended spots for trick-or-treating. Makes me sad though, growing up we were in a major area for it and once I was older me and my dad would most commonly have candy duties, I miss having a steady stream of adorably costumed kids coming by!

Yeah; I've never really lived in an area with heavy trick-or-treater activity (and grew up pretty rural, so none there either), but we did usually get a few at the various in-town apartments where I've lived, and I miss it! Since I don't have kids and I'm not really into going out to parties, giving candy to trick-or-treaters is just about the only social thing that I can do on Halloween to make it special, and I do really miss having kids coming by.