Winter Sunlight

Webcomics: Homestuck

You guys you guys! Homestuck is updating again!

Has anyone read it?

Does anyone want to talk about it?

My thoughts at the moment (besides Yay Homestuck is back!) are mostly HUSSIE IS SUCH A TROLL OMFG.

(Not that kind of troll. Though maybe that too, who knows?)

So all of Team Good Guy is dead now except for John? Or mostly dead, since there is still an act to go.

I'm also glad that we aren't having a mega-mega-update dumped on us all at once, but will get it parceled out in dribs and drabs (which will save me from spending a solid two days reading it, I guess).

Thoughts? Speculations?

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BABIES. I know it's probably (hopefully!!) not going to last, but still. (daaaaave) ;_;

I am SO glad he didn't leave us with this at the end of last year tho, OMG. Can you imagine the fandom in between??

Oh man, I KNOW. That would've been truly evil. (And this is evil enough!)
I just caught up and WTF HUSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE! truly yes, he is a troll of epic proportions. Is this a doomed timeline? Because it's seeming awfully doomed to me...(the heroic/just death thing is kind of brilliant I gotta admit, it's a fantastic limit to put on immortal villains and heroes alike...)

I have no clue where it's going next but I'm buckled in and ready for the ride!
RIGHT?! It's not like the comic doesn't pull out ridiculous deus ex machina saves all the time -- this is the sort of comic where you could conceivably find out the whole thing (in fact the previous 5 acts XD) is some minor character's dream AND IT WOULD TOTALLY FIT WITH THE TONE OF THE THING -- but I really have no idea where it's headed from this point.