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Question for One Piece people

Is there a generally agreed-upon spelling for Iceberg's name? I notice AO3 has him "Iceburg" -- is that how it's normally romanized?

Not that I need to know for ... reasons or anything.

(We finished Water 7/Enies Lobby last night, up through episode 324, and HOLY MOLY. *____* Also, I really want to know why there is basically no fic on AO3 for Iceberg and Franky. .... well, okay, I know why, because Iceberg is a relatively minor character from a story arc in the mid-2000s, but I WANT IT ANYWAY. Most of the One Piece fic is hiding over on, isn't it?)

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I am so excited at the prospect of you doing One Piece stuff! Whoo!

As for the spelling, it is erratic in canon, but Oda's original intention seems to have been "Iceburg"? Maybe.
Thank you! :) I don't know if I'll actually end up writing anything, but that arc definitely has wooed me. :D
WASN'T THAT THE BEST ARC. (And I think you're safe to watch that AMV now!)

The overall amount of fic in the fandom is depressingly low, and Franky doesn't seem to be a very popular character, I'm afraid. There might be something hiding out in one_piece?

I am super excited to see whatever you produce!
I shall poke around! And watch the video when I'm back to somewhere I have Internet that's fast enough -- thank you for the rec! :D

I don't know if I'll actually end up writing anything, but I'm certainly tempted ...