Winter Sunlight

Could've gone my whole life without THAT experience, thanks /o\

A couple of days ago, I noticed an itchy bump on my back -- like maybe a mole that had gotten abraded by my bra strap or something. Scratched at it a bit and left it alone. Yesterday evening it was feeling sore, so I figured I'd scratched it too much and got it a little infected. I tried to put a bandaid on it, but couldn't see what I was doing, so I asked my sister if she could do it.

There was a brief silence, and then she said, "I hate to break it to you, but that's a tick."

/o\ /o\ /o\

She tried to remove it with tweezers -- she does it on her dogs all the time -- but by that point it'd burrowed in deep enough that its mouth parts broke off, so we had a late trip to Urgent Care to get the rest of it removed (come to find out, it's perfectly okay to leave it in and let it work out on its own, but we didn't know that) and get a dose of prophylactic antibiotics, since Lyme disease is endemic to this area and a tick that's been embedded for more than 24 hours is a higher risk than one that's discovered immediately.


What's slightly bizarre about it -- other than on my back, really?? -- is that we haven't even been hiking since last week. I lived for years in a tick-infested area (Illinois) where I spent a bunch of time scrambling around in the woods, and she's lived for years in a tick-infested area and hikes a lot, and this is the first time either of us has gotten a tick ... after spending several days doing very little except watching anime and playing board games.

WTF, nature.

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Ergh, I HATE ticks. So, so much. Finding one always makes me paranoid, feeling like I'm crawling with bugs... and getting one like that when you haven't been out where you'd expect to encounter them? Does not make things better. :P

(When I was younger, a tick once crawled into my ear and latched on. Interesting experience, my dad needing to pull that one out with a pair of needle-nose pliers...)
I haaaaaate ticks. I am generally okay with bugs -- my sister and I used to catch different kinds of bugs as kids, and it doesn't bother me to pick up (nonpoisonous) spiders and put them outside, etc. BUT TICKS. JUST. NO. DO NOT WAAAAAANT. (The ear thing sounds AWFUL.)
Thank you! *hugs back* I'm sorry to hear about your filling too -- I hope you're feeling better!
Tooth doesn't hurt much, the occasional twinge, but have been left with a headache that is slowly clearing. Certainly feeling better than yesterday, thanks! :)
That's horrible and nightmarish! I'm glad you got it out and have some antibiotics; I know that Lyme disease can be terrible.

I'm sorry you had to go through that.
Thanks! Yeah, they said with the antibiotics, there's still some chance of developing it but not much. *fingers crossed*
Do the bugs go in your mouth? If they don't, then I will read the post. LOL

Heeeeee. Okay. Thank you. I have a thing with bugs going in people's mouths. A thing where I like to pretend that never ever happens. LOL


I haven't had a tick on me in years, but I had one embed into my shoulder as a child, and it was awful. :( I didn't realize you didn't have to remove them either.
Aww that sucks. Hopefully that's the end of that though! *sends hugs*
ticks are disgusting. I've had them attach to my scalp. IN Florida two of my team came down with tick borne diseases
I've been had this joyous occasion happen three times to me. It is horrible every time. But i never went to the doctor for it, so I feel like maybe I should have gone. Ah well. Glad you got it out!

On the bright side of things, lookie, you had a unique life experience. Huzzah.
Since we do geocaching we traipse through the woods quite a bit so we usually check after and had to remove A few when they had hooked in but not bitten down yet.
When did we not check and only noticed AFTER it had already fallen off and there was a pretty ring shaped bruise (word?) growing on my husbands leg?
After he'd went two metres through the weeds in his fathers back yard in a million people city!
I hate them because not only do they transport lyme disease but here also something that wikipedia tells me is called tick-borne encephalitis in English. Argh!
Hope you'll be alright!

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Oh, awful! I'm glad you were able to get antibiotics. *shivers*