Winter Sunlight

The rest of the DVD commentary answers

I was asked to expand on Written in Blood and Bone's final scene with Steve and Bucky, so I talked a little about the writing-notes-on-the-skin thing.

cornerofmadness asked about Owen's thought processes when his marriage proposal was rejected in my novella Homespun.

pipilj asked why I made Peter's dad in Child in the Photograph an alcoholic, so I talked about my Peter backstory headcanon.

I was asked about The Right Way To Fall and why angel!Peter makes an exception to his usual rules for Neal. (Which got me thinking about that 'verse again, and I tripped and wrote a couple thousand words of sequel, which I might someday finish. Oops?)

[personal profile] gwyn wanted to know more about the graveyard scene in Wingthieves.

aragarna asked about writing from an outside POV in Courier.

sapphire2309 wanted me to expand upon the scene with Neal getting his anklet back in Through the Storm and Safe to Shore.

aqwt101 asked about Peter and Neal's talk in the cemetery in Spontaneous.

This was fun; I gotta do it again sometime. :)

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Which got me thinking about that 'verse again, and I tripped and wrote a couple thousand words of sequel, which I might someday finish.
DO WANT!:D Pretty please? :) Even a small vignette sounds great! \o/

(Also, it was a pleasure reading your thoughts on the fic. This is one of mine favorite stories of yours, too. )
Thank you! ♥ I'd already started to write a sequel to it a looong time ago (a plotty fic with Diana as another guardian angel) but that one never went anywhere; this is just some little snippets about Peter adjusting to life as a human, and it's working much better. I'm hoping to be able to actually finish it - I am feeling somewhat White Collarish again! :D
Oh, if I remember correctly, you've posted some snippets from the other one story, with vaguely “Vital Signs” kind of plot, right? Well, like we've talked recently, plot is great, but sometimes little snippets are more fun:) Really hope it will get finished:)
I’m very glad you’re feeling White Collarish. I’ve been too in last few weeks. It’s nice:)
The snippets were from a different story than the one I'm working on now. Yeah, it would have been Vital Signs in the guardian angel universe, with angel!Diana being the angel for June's granddaughter. I think what I'll probably do is move that story a bit later, rather than mixing the action/mystery plot with Peter's initial adjustment to not being an angel anymore, which was what I originally planned to do.
Hee, after getting to the “The Right Way to Fall” in my rereading spree (it’s still as good as it was last time! ♥ ), I had a weird dream last night, which got me thinking…
[lots of ramblings; feel free to skip if you’re not interested!]

I can’t remember all the details now, but at the bottom of it, Neal got in some kind of trouble, Peter (already human) tried to rescue him, but it didn’t work, bad guys captured both of them and locked them up in some dungeon (?!). Plus Neal was high as a kite (apparently my subconscious knows me too well:-D). Peter was freaking out that he can’t save Neal without his angel!powers, but Neal - between singing and pickpocketing random stuff and trying to cuddle up to Peter:-D -was in total “Peter = safe” mode and had zero doubts that Peter will get them both out. …It’s too bad my alarm went off before I could find out how it ended! I want the next episode! :-D

But it got me thinking, indeed, how much Peter’s protective instincts would clash with the fact he doesn’t have angel powers anymore? He was protecting Neal for so long, I guess it’ll still be his first instinct. Will he freak out if Neal (or El) got hurt and he knew he could’ve prevent it if he still had angel!powers? On the other hand, he can be there afterwards, which he couldn’t before… And visa versa, how will Neal adjust to the fact that he doesn’t have a guardian angel anymore? I think that he too would feel protective of Peter now, because Peter isn’t familiar with this world. It’s interesting role reversal… I had a lot of fun mulling it over at my way to work:)

And also I had a thought that there’s interesting “knowledge disbalance” between how much each of them knows about the other. Canon!Peter and canon!Neal both knows roughly the same. This Peter knows all about Neal since his early childhood (well, no idea how the whole guardian-angel thing works, if guardian watches his charge all the time or just gets a “ping” when he’s in trouble), but still, this Peter knows Neal’s past way better than canon!Peter, and he saw things canon!Peter didn’t. On the contrary, this Neal has the same or even less amount of information on Peter (but surely he has a lot to learn! :-D)

I hope you didn’t mind my ramblings:) These are all rhetorical questions, I don’t expect you to answer them. I just figured out that I’ll post it in case it’ll somehow help your muse:-D Anyway, I hope the sequel’s doing well:)
Awwww, what a fun dream to have. :) (Why don't I ever dream about my own stories, I wonder?)

And yeah, the Peter-Neal relationship in the angel 'verse has a different flavor because of their different pasts, and I think you nailed the main differences. This Neal doesn't really have any secrets from Peter -- Peter's known him for his entire life. The person with all the secrets in this 'verse is Peter. (Not that he's specifically trying to keep secrets, in general; he just has had a very long life, a lot of which is classified, or the angel version of classified, and most of which he doesn't feel like the mortal people around him can relate to.)

And yeah, one of the major features of Peter and Neal's relationship, post-angel, is both Neal and Elizabeth becoming very protective of Peter, because Peter's out of place in a world that's new and strange for him. And of course Peter still has his protect-Neal instincts, even though he doesn't have the powers he used to.

So basically yes, I think you really hit the nail on the head with their relationship here, and it's got me thinking about other things that might happen to them after the end of the first story. :D
Yeah, I don't have fandom dreams often, so this one was total delight. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the “sequel” last night… (Fwiw, you have my full permission to use all of it or parts of it in your story(ies) if you'd like to:-D

As for secrets, yeah, I guess Neal would be very curious about Peter’s past and trying to get him to talk:) I can easily imagine them having regular nights like the one in 2x11, with Peter sharing with Neal some of the more fun and non-classified stories of his past:)

I’m glad I got you thinking more about this universe! I really love it:)
("The end of the first story" meant "the end of the first sequel story", right? :-D)