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I have the house to myself tonight and some uninterrupted Internet time, so I am getting through the rest of the DVD commentaries and answering comments (STILL SO BEHIND) and generally hanging out online; hello!

My sister and I have managed to watch an absolute fuck ton of One Piece over the last 2-3 days. We got through the entire Water 7 arc and are now into Enies Lobby. It should be no surprise to ANYONE that I'm all over Franky and Iceberg -- adopted brothers who fight all the time but actually adore each other and then cruel fate separates them, GEE THAT DOESN'T SOUND LIKE MY KIND OF THING AT ALL. And Robin I already liked; now she's falling rapidly into favorite-character territory. Franky, on the other hand, I was seriously indifferent to (even having met him as one of the crew in a much later arc), until we hit his backstory and then BRB, FALLING LIKE A TON OF BRICKS, IS ANYONE SURPRISED WELL NO NOT REALLY. I also really love the slow build with both Robin and Frank's heel face turns and integration into the crew. I don't think earlier story arcs did anything quite as complicated as what's happening with both of these characters; even with someone like Nami, who starts out as an antagonist, it was a lot more straightforward and less one-step-forward-two-steps-back. Anyway, I'm really enjoying it.

Assorted links from around my flist:

There's an interesting post at [personal profile] selenak's journal about the fannish term "manpain", like "Mary Sue", coming to be used so generically that it's useless. (Also, I suppose it's a sign of how much time I've been spending on Tumblr lately that my instinctive reaction to finding a thoughtful post was first of all "reblog it so my friends can read it!" No no, self, we have a way of handling these things on LJ, WE LINK TO STUFF.)

I also jumped into a discussion at [personal profile] chordatesrock on dark hurt/comfort and how fandom deals with trauma. Interesting topic and it made me ponder a bit.

There's also a link in the above post to this absolutely amazing comic strip that has a beautiful metaphor for the true worth of creativity that others deem worthless.

Oh hmmm, what else. It looks like both [community profile] festivids and yuletide are taking signups now. I'm not doing either one of them this year (though I may try to do a festivids treat; I really do want to get back into vidding!).

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Waaah Water 7 is my favorite OP arc for a reason - and Iceberg is one of my favorite not-nakama characters in the show! And Robin I adore but yeah, W7 cemented it. The story is so complicated, it manages to be epic and personal at once, which is difficult to manage but pulls off beautifully.

And that comic is lovely though its message is strange to me - I've never seen anyone say that dark stories are worthless; it's happy stories that are dismissed as pointless fluff, while as dark/gritty/depressing is considered more deep and meaningful. Though the broader metaphor, that the unpopular has merit to the right audience, is valuable.
That's actually a good point about the comic. I think it was mostly in the context of fandom (and specifically h/c fandom) that I was thinking about it, because so many people want reset-to-canon endings and back away from doing dark/controversial stuff, and there's the whole debate about whether it's okay to write about disability and so forth -- I just loved the comic's "everything has value to someone" message. But yeah, you do raise a good point!

.... Water 7, eeeeee. :) I missed all of this the first time, because my first plunge into One Piece was back in 2003-ish, and then I wandered off to other things somewhere around episode 100 or so of the anime (don't remember exactly how far I got, maybe farther than that, because I remember seeing a big chunk of Alabasta, and definitely Ace's intro, but not really a whole lot after that). And then when [spoiler death you probably know which one] happened, I wanted to read that and ended up reading probably about 100-150 manga chapters right around that area, up through the time skip, and I know I went back and read some of the earlier stuff, but apparently not a lot of it, because all of Water 7 is new to me.

.... and oh, I am loving it a lot! :D Franky and Iceberg are amazing (Baka-berg and Baka-by, omfg XD~~~~~!) -- and yeah, I adore Iceberg to little bitty pieces and would love to have him in the series more (though I have to admit to a shallow appreciation for early-20s Franky and Iceberg's character designs compared to the current versions ...). I think they hit some of the same buttons for me as Coby and Helmeppo, which is probably my other favorite relationship in the series outside the main Straw Hat crew.

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Hmm, yeah, there are specific types of fiction in which happy/fluffy is considered part of the genre, and you may get negative reactions if you break that - h/c is such a genre for many people. Hollywood blockbusters tend to be as well. But I've never heard anyone try to argue that stories in general should be happy and dark stories are pointless, while as I've heard the opposite implied (there is an irony to that comic, in that even as it makes its point, the comic itself is both cheerful and uplifting!)

Water 7 happened in one of my phases that I was reading the manga regularly, and it was really exciting to follow it week by week - there was an amazing period of speculation trying to figure out who was CP9; it blew the fandom's collective mind when it turned out to be half of Galley-La! And yeah, Iceberg was in the running against Ace for my favorite non-nakama of all time (both have since been displaced by a current char who has stolen the spot, possibly for all time. Unless he actually becomes a nakama as Luffy wants...) --But, Iceberg! With his mouse and his flakiness and his mayoral loyalty and his pretending he doesn't care and crying when he says goodbye to Franky! awwwww~~~ (did you watch the arc before Water 7, introducing Aokiji? There's some great h/c there if you missed it. And Aokiji is another favorite of mine! ...I have a lot of favorites in OP, okay! XDXDXD) But I agree that I shallowly appreciate younger Iceberg and Franky as well (Franky is - I love his character quite a lot, but his character design is...ummm...! But he's still amazing to me because I hated him at first because of what he did to Usopp, but by the time he actually joins the crew I couldn't help but be totally won over...)

Also heee Coby & Helmeppo, must love them! --actually W7 is when they were re-introduced to the story, though if you've red Marineford you know them already...
Oh man, I bet this would've been a really fun arc to follow in real-time, with all its red herrings and misdirects! I can tell that Oda's playing with the fandom expectation that one of the characters in this arc was going to join the Straw Hat crew -- Paulie seems to be getting set up for it in particular, with Franky coming out of nowhere as a dark-horse character who started out as a one-note bad guy/thug ...

My own turnaround on Franky really surprised me because I'd read quite a bit of the later manga with him, and was seriously indifferent to him as a character. (His character design. Ahahaha. Yes.) There just wasn't anything about him that made me latch onto him! But seeing his backstory makes such a HUGE difference, and also this thing he's doing with the individual Straw Hats, sort of accidentally-on-purpose counseling them about their problems and trying to lift them up even while his life is falling apart around him -- omigosh, Franky, you're SO KEWL. *___*
Yeah, Paulie was the guess for new nakama for a while. Though I still remember very early in the arc, there was a post on a random BBS board with someone insisting Franky would be the new nakama - this was before we'd even seen his face, when he was still wearing a mask. I've never known if that was just a crack guess or someone actually figured it out from some unknown cue, but it impresses me!

Franky is a neat character because he's one of the older Strawhats, and while he doesn't always act like it, he does have this 'big brother' manner - he doesn't get too tangled up in his own issues, instead he helps others work through theirs, and he feels for everyone so very much - can't help but find it adorable! (even if his post-time-skip character design is...owwww why Odacchi, whyyyy, even if you think cyborgs are so kewl, whyyyy :P)

I also love how proudly his seiyuu says "SUPERRRRR" rather than the usual Japanese "SUPAH!" XD
One Pieceeeee. <3 The Enies Lobby arc is one of my favorites-- Robin! MY HEART-- and the plot line overall is just intricate and fantastic and I just love it to pieces. Here is an AMV to watch (possibly my favorite AMV of all time), but only once you finish the entire arc-- it contains MASSIVE spoilers for the ending. (Which, for the record, is every bit as good as the rest of the arc. I don't think I've ever been disappointed by a single plot in OP, which is really kind of crazy considering how long it is.) Anyways, SO glad you're enjoying it-- more people to discuss it with! Yay!
It's so funnnnnn! :D I wish I could watch AMVs now, but yes, should not be spoiled. *flails*

I don't think I actually knew you were into it! YES, MORE PEOPLE TO DISCUSS WITH! Though I don't know how quickly I'll progress through it once I'm back home; my sister is really into it, so we've been watching it together. :D I am definitely looking forward to finding out how the whole arc works out, though!
Yep! I've been a fan since the very early 2000s. I'm not really active in the fandom or anything, it's one of those where it's hard for me to think of anything to write for it, but I do love it. :)

(I actually just went through and deleted a whole bunch of icons so I could use my OP one for this post. *g*)