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State of my h/c bingo card

I figured I'd make an updated post for this, since I've filled quite a lot of my squares now! Just in nothing approaching bingo order. /o\

brainwashing / deprogramming begging surgery skeletons in the closet arrest
severe / life-threatening illness lacerations / knife wounds rape / non-con falling family
hallucinations mutation WILD CARD
(culture shock)
telepathic trauma hiding an injury / illness
sacrifice exhaustion abuse nervous breakdown amnesia
heat stroke cursed tyranny / rebellion runaways tentacles

(ETA: Also crossposted to tumblr, because why not. After I figured out how to do tables on tumblr, which are STUPIDLY HARD and don't show up correctly on the dash. Because tumblr.)

... this year's dark background makes the link text a bit hard to read (in the style in which I'm viewing it, anyway). Lemme know if it's too awful and I'll do something about it.

In any case, I'm doing better than usual at filling up squares, but I'm also not aiming for a specific bingo, just writing whichever squares strike my fancy, so they're all over. I'm starting to be tempted to go for a blackout this year. I've never achieved one, and while the odds are still pretty low (I've only written 9/25 squares, with 3 months to go, 1 month of which I'll be traveling and probably not writing much) it's more achievable this year than any of the years to date.

And I really feel like I can write most of the remaining squares! I might not have specific ideas, but I seem to be in an unusually flexible fandom as far as doing weird/difficult squares. I'm generally pretty monofannish, and for the last couple of years I've been trying to write the card for White Collar, which is pretty restricted in terms of possible plots unless you go completely AU. The MCU, though, lends itself to just about ANYTHING with very little tweaking at all.

I think it's kind of funny that this was the card I had initially looked at and found myself uninspired, because it's turning out to be a very fun card for me to work on.

I'm also just 2 squares away from a straight-line bingo on a couple of different lines I think I could do without breaking my brain too much. I particularly like the vertical bingo at far left ("hallucinations" and "sacrifice" both look like really fun squares to write) and I could also do the bottom-left-to-top-right line that includes the wild card space, so I really only have to write one prompt ("arrest") for that one.


Anybody want to toss me some ideas for the remaining squares? Anything in particular you might like to see? MCU and White Collar are still the main fandoms in which I want to write at the moment (and yeah, I actually DO think I can write White Collar again, after taking a break from it).

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Wanted to leave some suggestions, then remembered that I've already left a bunch of prompts back when you first posted this card, so won't repeat myself.

Nevertheless, just wanted to say that it makes me so happy you that want to write more White Collar. I missed you!
And they're excellent prompts! :D I still like the stealing-an-octopus idea in particular, though I can't seem to get it to come together into an actual story. Yet. :P

But yeah, I'm hoping to get at least one WC story out of the remaining prompts on my card! The telepathic trauma one would be good for working more in the psychic Neal 'verse, which I do want to write more of.
Thanks)) Too bad that Reykjavik story doesn't fit into any remaining prompts - I really loved that one:) But I'll take what I can get. Psychic!Neal sounds nice too. Stealing an octopus seems like epic fun, hope it will get written:-D
Too bad that Reykjavik story doesn't fit into any remaining prompts - I really loved that one:)

Thank you! :D It's actually not impossible, considering what I had vaguely planned to happen was some sort of chase scene under the midnight sun, outside the city. I could make it fit the "runaways" square or maybe even "knife wounds" or "sacrifice" depending on what happened.

... I swear I am not trying to build you up for a fic that may never get written. XD But I actually DO think I could make that one fit, if I could get the plot to work. (Which is the big problem with writing more of it at the moment; things kinda just fell apart for anything except a commentfic once I started trying to figure out WHY they were in Reykjavik in the first place ...)
Well, I'll be crossing my fingers and hoping you could get plot to work then:)
fwiw, while I love plotty action-y stories, I'd be totally happy with another perfectly plotless oneshot of fluffy cuddling or them wandering the night streets:-D (Not just me, it seems - I got twice as much comments on translation of this little one-shot than on lots of longish fic, if you would believe it:-D)

And yeah, it's definitely not just you! I've noticed that I tend to get at least as many comments/kudos, if not more, on the short fluffy pieces as on the long plotty pieces.

And really, I can understand that; the little fluffy pieces are a lot less demanding to read. It's easy to fit them in on a lunch break or in a quick bit of Internet-surfing before bed.
the little fluffy pieces are a lot less demanding to read.
Maybe, but I don't think it's only that… For me, since I spend most of my waking time in the net, finding time to read is not a problem – I read them as soon as they are posted, no matter what the length is:-D For me it’s more that short fluffy stories give you an immediate charge of "awww!" and "squeee!" in a more concentrated form, I guess. The story in question left me feeling warm&fuzzy for several days:)

Or maybe it’s just I'm in that kind of mood lately which makes me crave fluff and happy feelings more than sophisticated plots and serious worldbuilding:)
Oh, I totally get it. :D I have a number of feel-good fics bookmarked. I think lately I've been a mood for longer, more emotionally wrenching stuff -- which is probably why I've gravitated into a fandom where "emotionally wrenching" is standard and happy endings are not a given -- but I also have my moods where I just want to curl up with something happy and be fluffinated. :D

ETA: Okay, I REALLY wish LJ would stop doing this thing where I choose an icon and it changes it back to my default one. That's annoying. :/

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Yeah, exactly this:) Plus I think I'm generally more interested in characters than in plots (not just in fics, but in canon, too - remember the conversation about "watching for characters vs watching for plots" we have a while back?), so characters pieces seems more like my cup of tea. Though it doesn't hurt at all when character piece is wrapped into a plot:)

Also, I totally adore the word "fluffinated"! ♥
*nods* Yeah; I seem to be somewhere in the middle, I guess -- it's characters who draw me in (and if I had to choose between characters and plots, I'd go for character every time) but I also really appreciate a good tight plot! .... having said that, I have plenty of fun writing little character-focused pieces, too.

Also, I totally adore the word "fluffinated"! ♥

Heeeee, thank you. XD I should start using it ...
My usual strategy for White Collar when a prompt seems to require an AU or something I don't want to write is take it in a more abstract way. Like, for cursed, I'd probably throw out a few words of Neal feeling like he's never going to be able to shake the 'curse' that somehow manages to get him into situations that he can't control, only triage. Except more prettily than that :P I'm planning something like that for my attacked by an animal square, because while there are a few lines I am willing to cross, having anyone in the White Collar universe (even keller or adler or rachel or anyone) mauled by an animal is NOT one of them.

I just filled the begging square on my card (the only square I've filled so far, lol) and that was quite harsh on Neal. Unnecessarily so, even, but yeah. So I'm out of ideas on that :P

The lyrics of Every Single Night by Fiona Apple are great inspiration for hallucinations and nervous breakdown (Every single night / I endure the flight / Of little wings of white-flamed / Butterflies in my brain). Oh, and I just saw your original bingo card post, and I totally support the idea of Peter breaking down!

Surgery... the easiest route is to give someone appendicitis, but that's way overdone. I don't know, pick a random Grey's Anatomy episode (or whichever medical drama you prefer) and insert one of the White Collar characters?

ETA - Mozzie must have had surgery after the bullet he took in S02E09, right?

Lacerations/knife wounds... an AU of that fight between Peter and Keller? I recall one of them having a knife.

Sacrifice is quite easy if you're writing White Collar. Neal and Peter keep giving up things for each other, and then losing faith and then going ahead and doing those things anyway. Something about that?

And I think that's about all the work that my brain is going to do. Hope this helps! :D

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Your fic - OW. NEAL. BABY. ;____;

The begging square is one of the ones that I'm having trouble with -- although I'm having much less trouble after realizing that it doesn't have to be begging-on-the-street type begging, which is how I had originally interpreted the prompt. "Panhandlers?" I thought, baffled. And then I realized, via the comments to my original h/c bingo prompt entry, that actually it could be begging for anything, not just money. Ha. Okay. That's easier. XD

Anyway, yeah, I think coming at the prompts sideways is really the only way to do some of them in a canon-compliant way in the (non-magical) WC world. Tentacles, for example. (I loved aqwt101's idea of having Neal steal an octopus. Too bad I already did a story in which he's attacked by a jellyfish; that would've worked too ...)

Surgery is one I'm probably going to do for the MCU, since there's a character who canonically has field surgery skills; no way I could pass up an opportunity like THAT! "Arrest", on the other hand, is tailor made for WC.

I still wanna do a story about Peter having a breakdown after everything that's happened. I've wanted to do that story for AGES. I just need to wrap it around some kind of plot ...
I know! I have no idea how that happened. *hugs neal*

LOL, yeah, begging for money isn't the only option.

OMG, that is so cool! I would love to read Neal stealing an octopus! And how do I not recall the jellyfish story? It seems like the kind of fic you'd remember - it's not everyday that Neal's attacked by jellyfish. *scratches head*

Field surgery, OMG, that is going to be so much fun for you! I'll make sure I hunt that down if you fill it :D

Yeah, arrest is very easy to fill in the WC universe, though I remember a rather intriguing MCU prompt on your original bingo post. I need to figure out this fandom, because it seems SO interesting, but OTOH, i don't have the kind of attention span that movies require, I barely sit through TV shows without jumping around all over the place :/

Who needs plot? No, seriously, just a character piece would be incredibly intriguing. And you don' have to mention specifics if you don't want to/they don't fit/whatever. Just get into Peter's head and write your way out.
the jellyfish story :D (I certainly don't blame you for not recognizing it; I've got something like a hundred WC fics on AO3. *I* don't remember all of them! I should've linked to it in the first place.)

Just get into Peter's head and write your way out.

That is ... awfully tempting. /ponders
Although hilariously, the nervous breakdown square -- which IS the one I want to write now, after this conversation! well, that and hallucinations -- wouldn't get me any closer to a straight-line bingo. XD I really do want to go for a blackout on this card. I've never felt this close to it before!
OMG, the fic!!! I'm literally screaming with laughter. I love how you write the boys!

Glad I helped! :D

LOL, yeah. Though hallucinations might get you closer to the vertical straight line on the absolute left.

You do have the card to go for a blackout!
Thank you! :D Poor Neal. All the fanfic writers like to torture him. XD

... not that Peter should be left out.

/contemplates Peter's impending mental breakdown
Runaways - Satchmo is at Neal's because Peter and El are away and their dog sitter isn't available. Bugsy and Satchmo have an adventure together after running away from Neal (or Mozzie?). Much panic on one side, much excitement on the other!

And I'm out of ideas, sorry.
No worries - I'm still pondering the card and thinking about what to do next with it. :D
is it too late to leave a prompt? How about for "arrests" (White Collar): Peter has to arrest someone close to him, but it's not Neal that he has to arrest, it's El...clearly she didn't do it but the FBI still has to arrest her. Sounds like a good plot twist, no?

Also, love all the stories! You're stories are awesome! :D
Thank you! :) And hmmm, Peter arresting Elizabeth hadn't even occurred to me!
I would love to see a Peter has a nervous breakdown fic & another story in your Psychic Neal verse. : )

What if Mozzie stole the octopus and hid it in Neal's bathroom? ;)

I have seen a number of Neal amnesia fic so how about Peter has amnesia? He knows El but He doesn't know who Neal is. With El's encouragement Neal tries to help but as Peter recovers he acts as if he wants nothing to do with Neal. How does Neal deal with the idea that Peter may never remember their friendship and all that they have been through together? How does Peter come to terms that he may never remember a big part of his life? Can He & Neal rebuild/continue their friendship?

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