Autumn-frosted leaf

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I am hoooooome -- for a week; got in late last night, and then I woke up this morning and THIS was happening.



It couldn't have held off one more day 'til I could finish getting the garden tucked in? That's wonderful, Alaska. Thanks so much.

(But it is nice to be tucked inside with a cup of tea, a warm cat and an emotionally needy dog while it snows outside.)

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Home!! Though yeah, weather, one more day so sholio could get the garden sorted would have been good! Ah well, at least you're all tucked up inside!!

Gorgeous photos - and dog! :)

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On the one hand, IN SEPTEMBER? Seriously now, Alaska!

OTOH, it really is lovely...

(give Lucky a belly-rub from me! :D)
I looked at those photos and had a long pause while I figured out what month it is. I just got in from 80° ("feels like 84°") and it's after 9 pm here, well after dark. Your photos bent my brain.
Yes, it's definitely around this time of year when living in Alaska starts to seem like not the smartest decision ever ...
somehow I picture Alaska as being a rather cantankerous state. Too bad you didn't get the garden all set to rights
Most of it melted off, fortunately, so I've been able to get some work done!