Winter Sunlight

*falls over*

I'm home right now, for two days, because I have some specific business/household things I need to get done, and then on Friday morning I'll turn around and drive 300 miles back downstate. But tonight I'm home and in a state of relieved collapse and also "Yay, Internet!"

Brief explanation of what's going on with me right now: my grandmother had a major health-related disaster at the end of August, and she currently requires round-the-clock care, so my mom and I are taking care of her. It's not the first time she's needed it, and not the first time we've done it; my mom is very close to her, and I am the only one of my mom's kids who isn't 4000 miles away -- plus I have no kids of my own and am self-employed, so I can put my life on hold and drive across the state much more easily than any of my cousins or my aunt, who all have families/jobs/etc.

At least we are able to caretake her in her home now, so we're no longer having to overnight at the hospital. That was remarkably miserable all around. When I get back, my mom will be flying back to her home for awhile to take care of her stuff, and then we'll trade off again.

However, my grandma's place doesn't have wireless, which means I'm stuck snatching little bits of coffee-shop Internet when I can arrange for some time out of the house. This means I'll be scarce online for the next .... well, until the end of October, really, because once I get back home next time, I'll be turning around in a few days and heading out of state on a vacation for which the tickets are already purchased. I suspect I am really going to need it by then.

ETA: I think this post may have come out sounding whinier than I actually feel. I mean, yes, it's not how I planned to spend my September, but it's the kind of thing that you do when it needs doing. Right now I am in a sort of sudden-absence-of-stress brain-drop state -- general relief at the peace and solitude (hello, introvert) mingled with a lot of staring at walls and difficulty forming coherent sentences. Possibly an early bedtime is advisable.

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As someone who knows a lot of taking care of others --- be sure to get some downtime for yourself. It's important since you never realize just how much stress you are carrying in taking care of someone.
*lots of hugs*

I think an early bedtime would be very advisable, I hope you managed to get one - though, as I know all too well, early bedtimes have a tendency to drift later when distracted by the shiny internet things...
I'm sorry to hear about the family health issues. :( Hopefully they clear up.

Also, I wonder if you could find some kind of a steady prepaid internet where you are by turning your phone into a modem or something.
If you'd like to drop copies of Freebird by, I'm happy to put them at my table at the Granger Hall thing in October! Or anything else you want to put out!

Best of luck with everything.
Hugs, hospitals are depressing places and it is somehow worse when your loved one is unwell. Hope your gran feels better. Do take care of yourself.

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Yikes. Glad to hear that she's well enough to be cared for at home, but it's still stressful handling a situation like that, and the more so when it turns into a drawn-out juggling act. I hope you've been able to get some good rest during the time home. *hugs*