Winter Sunlight

Tab cleaning - mostly fannish stuff

[personal profile] xparrot and [personal profile] gnine visited here for a couple of days, which was wonderful! Fangirling, so much fangirling. :) I'm not used to being able to talk to people in real life about things like fanfic, plus they know SO MANY of the same people that I do in nerdy/fandom/convention circles; it was great. And we got to show them our rural-redneck property and took walks in the woods and stayed up much too late.

Stuff that's sitting in my open tabs:

This is apparently going to be the last year for sga_santa, the Stargate Atlantis gift-fic exchange. I participated in this one for most of the time I was in SGA fandom, I think -- at least 3 or 4 years. They've been going for 10 years now (wow!) and have decided to close up shop, but they are opening sign-ups early to try to get the most possible participants for their last exchange. So, if you are still in the fandom or might want to dip back into it, think about signing up! I had a lot of fun the years that I did it.

I also just ran across a notification for [community profile] trickortreatex, which is a Halloween multifandom gift exchange for little fics (300 word minimum) like a Halloween treat bag. It looks like right now they are taking nominations for fandoms/characters, and signups will be a little later. They also accept original fiction requests/offers, and large or small fandoms are welcome.

New Kismet page!

Also, this Captain America: Winter Soldier image set on Tumblr is highly relevant to my (h/c-ish) interests; I don't know why it hits my happy buttons so hard, but it really does.

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Sounds like you had fun! :D

I'm not into Captain America, but I totally get why that's pulling at your h/c strings - it pulls at mine too! Thank goodness it's not a SGA or WC image set, I think that'd send me into h/c overload!! :D
We did! :D

And yeah, in a way it almost tugs my strings too much; it's very intense (and also weirdly intense being in a movie fandom, with the years-long cycles of canon-no canon!).
It's so much fun meeting up with fannish people! I have some very geeky friends but they are not quite as fannish as I am about stuff. I did love meeting you, greyias, and astridv some years ago at the fanfiction convention. That was a lot of fun! Greyias and I are talking and it sounds like we are going to find a convention to go to next year (which might be tough because I'm probably going to world con in Spokane) or she might just come down here and visit. I'm so excited. I wish I could see all of you again.

I have thought of doing the sga_santa but since I only read/write gen, I wasn't sure they'd be able to match me appropriately. I am still thinking about it. I do have a big fic I am working on, though, and I don't do so well with multiple projects. (I actually think my smaller stories are much better, but I now understand what I didn't like about my big fics and I want to see if I can do better.) One nice part of doing sga-santa is it would feel more like being "in" fandom again instead of outside watching. (Oh, how I long to find someone willing to share my squee!)
It was great meeting you guys too! I hope you and Grey are able to get together; that sounds like so much fun. :)

I did sga_santa as gen (both requesting and receiving) all the years I did it. I don't know it'd work out with the fandom being so much smaller now, but back then it worked fine.
Had SUCH an awesome time, both with the fangirling and seeing your place, thanks so much for having us! :D

And yay h/c, in whatever fandoms!
It was SO great having you guys here! Er, there - I guess I am not there now. >_> But yes, wonderful to have you; I really hope you are able to come back in the winter!