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That Wednesday reading meme

This is not actually what I'm reading right now, but I was in Barnes & Noble yesterday and happened to notice the latest (I assume the latest) of Lee Child's Jack Reacher books on a bargain table. As noted in a previous post, I stopped reading the series due to skepticism that Reacher could've survived being blown a thousand feet in the air by an explosion that reduced a 737 jet to unidentifiable slag (ACTUAL CANON, I AM MAKING NONE OF THIS UP). However, I was curious, so I flipped open to the cover flap to see what he's up to now.

The last book I read took place in South Dakota, and before getting blow (literally) sky-high, he was planning on traveling to Washington, DC to meet up with a female military investigator that he'd been communicating with via phone. That's basically where it ended, aside from him being presumed dead.

.... So apparently, he's still traveling to DC to meet Susan, and in this book he finally gets there. Based on the book list inside, it appears that this is the fourth book to come out since the last one I read. It took him four books to get from South Dakota to DC. No hurry, Reacher, take your time, I guess.

I can't help picturing the reunion scenario.

Reacher: Susan! It's me!
Susan: Who?
Reacher: Jack Reacher! We spoke on the phone for about a day and a half four years ago! Still hot for me? *takes off shirt*
Susan: ... I got married years ago. Sorry.
Reacher: *deflates*


What I'm actually reading is Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers. I've never read any of her books, but Gaudy Night is the one that tends to be mentioned by a lot of people as their favorite of hers (if not their favorite book ever, sometimes) so I decided that would be a good place to start. So far, I'm enjoying it a lot -- I'm about 200 pages in -- and not feeling too lost jumping into the middle of a series, though I'd gotten the impression from what vague spoilers I've picked up along the way that this is the first book in which Harriet appears, which is obviously not the case. However, it's lots of fun so far!

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I used to work in managing ed for the publisher of some of the Reacher titles. Part of my job was to fact check cover copy, which meant skimming the book for the necessary character names and plot details. My memory of the Reacher books is that one conversation would last for MORE THAN A HUNDRED PAGES. I would keep flipping, and he'd still be talking to the same person. In short punchy sentences and short punchy paragraphs.

Also, the Reacher movie made my life a living hell as marketing demanded that we repackage all editions of all of his books, and then they changed the title of the movie, so we had to change all the covers again... I've got a wee bit of a grudge against Reacher. (...though I did actually like the movie. Embrace the Marty Stu.)
hahahaha! I can see how you'd develop a grudge after that, all right. XD

The most notable authorial tic that my husband and I both noticed is his tendency to drop sudden factbombs on the reader -- like, you'll be going along minding your own business, and suddenly FOUR-PAGE DIGRESSION ON THE NEW YORK SUBWAY SYSTEM.
Well, if you're reading in premium (that's the tall, narrow mass market trim size designed for aging eyes), each page doesn't have a whole lot of text on it, especially with one sentence paragraphs. So there's that at least. That's how you get whopping 600 page doorstoppers out of only like 70,000 words.
Never read any of the Reacher books (managed to remain ignorant of their existence until this moment, actually), but I do love Gaudy Night. I think it's what started me thinking about what I was actually doing when I wrote--helped me realize that story is more than just plot.
I am definitely enjoying it so far! It's a very rich book in terms of plot and character; I can see why people keep coming back to it.
Ooo, I'm currently reading Gaudy Night for the first time too - right about at the same place you are! (Found it in a used bookstore on my trip last week, and since I was finishing off the books I brought along faster than expected decided to pick it up.) I'm really enjoying it too. :D And yep, it's apparently the third book with Harriet - I've read the first she appears in, Strong Poison, but not the second yet. I'm usually pretty particular about reading things in order, but for the most part it doesn't seem to matter with the Wimsey books.

I only fell in love with the series about a year or so ago - I'd heard from friends how wonderful the books were, and tried one or two on tape, but just didn't connect with them. Then I tried the TV series, and found them pretty much awful. Buuut... although I often enjoy hearing books read aloud, I've found that some books I really have to read myself the first time around before I can properly enjoy them. I'm really glad a friend of mine convinced me to give them another shot.
Oh hey, neat! :) I kinda felt like I might be the last person not to have read it - okay, I know that's not true, but it's still kinda neat that you're reading the series out of order like I am too!

I seem to recall that I bounced off the series the first time, when I started with a Peter book, because I didn't really like him. I'm loving Harriet so far, though!
I love the reunion scenario!! I am not at all tempted to read the Reacher books, so feel free to spoil as much as you like! Makes me feel like maybe I could write original fic if I had the inclination if these books keep getting published!! :)
In spite of my irreverence, the books actually are pretty good for what they are -- they're tightly plotted and suspenseful. Great literature, however, they ain't.
Okay, my jaw drops. I'm sorry, not even Jack Reacher could survive that, unless of course, he was played by Tom Cruise (insert heavy sarcasm). I listened to the audiobooks in the library, but haven't actually read any of the books. They're fun to listen to while driving but....