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In the run-up to restarting Kismet: Sun-Cutter on Sept. 1, I've been posting character bios and bits of information to the Kismet tumblr. Most of this is getting reblogged over to my regular tumblr as well. Here's what I have thus far.

Worldbuilding stuff
Tertia and Secuba history
Fake memories

Character mini-bios (so far)
Shelley Fleetwood
Jackie Lobo
Signy 12
Linton 95
Elaine Jagir
Colette Novak
Judas Hawkins
Leslie Fleetwood

For my own reference - characters who still need bios, and things I want to write mini-articles on, like the two above.

Characters without bios (not all of whom may actually get one):
Jamie Freelove
Taz & Silang Corazon
Frank Bernetti
Clay March
Fithian Novak
Therion & Thain ap Dafydd
Gerald 13
Fulki Chandrakar
David Aubergine
Telulah Hawkins
Dusty Winters

Articles to write:
History of Kismet (the town)
Faster-than-light travel in the Kismetverse
The Free Worlds

Anything else you're curious about? What sort of information might intrigue you enough to start reading a new-to-you webcomic?

(This is also x-posted to my tragically neglected real-name journal; apologies to people who are following me in both places and getting double-posted at.)

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Frank definitely deserves his own bio! (I almost forgot him when I was listing characters, since he's been in the comic so rarely so far. He features in a bunch of side stories I haven't gotten around to yet ...)