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*screams quietly into pillow*

After ALL THOSE MONTHS that I spent trying to figure out how to get my webcomics set up in Wordpress, fighting with it and spending hours and hours trying to get it to look/act like I want .... I've given up on it and just gone back to using static pages with handwritten HTML and CSS. And I am so much happier. Also, it means that after one day of code-tweaking and contemplating my site's organization, I am ready to roll on webcomic updating.

I also think it's interesting how much more fun for me it is to write and troubleshoot my own pages than to try to figure out someone else's. Last night I was beating my head against Wordpress and was absolutely miserable, but I spent something like 6 hours today fiddling with my own CSS (mostly making my site mobile-friendly and figuring out how to integrate Disqus into the comic pages) and had fun. I am also kind of blown away at how user-friendly Disqus is. It took me ages to figure out why I couldn't get it to work (and I still don't know for sure, but it had to have been some kind of permission or formatting on my html document itself, because I finally fixed it by copy-pasting everything into a brand new index.html) but when THAT'S not an issue, it just works seamlessly -- you copy-paste a little piece of javascript and it does everything else for you. (Which probably means that it could stop working at any time, but it beats the insecurity/hassle of trying to write and maintain my own comment system.)

So basically, after an entire summer of uncertainty about how my updating was going to work ... I am back to doing it the same way I've done it for a decade. /facepalm

The one thing I don't have an easy way to do is automated updates. I still have to edit and upload each new page by hand. I was thinking I might be able to get around that by uploading a bunch of ready-to-go pages to a hidden folder somewhere on the server and writing a little script to move them into the main directory when they're ready to go live. That's not urgent, though.

... well, that or learn enough PHP to write my own updater/page generator, I guess.

I'm thrilled to have gotten this far, though, because "how and where do I update the webcomic" is a HUGE item off my webcomic relaunch to-do list.

(I should point out that I am in NO WAY professional quality at web design stuff, but I am adequate enough to maintain my own pages in a way I'm happy with, and that's all that really matters to me!)

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Thank you! .... although it's mostly a self-inflicted hassle due to feeling like I had to use a content management system like all the cool kids are doing. Instead I'll just party like it's 2004. \o/
I hear you. At some point I have to figure out a simplistic website for myself. I'm not good at this sort of thing.