Winter Sunlight

Oh, and also

.... if "Hooked on a Feeling" is now stuck in your head thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy and/or its trailers, allow me to direct you to the David Hasselhoff cover video. (I think I may have linked it here before, because of the sheer amazing WTF of the thing, but it's always worth linking again.)

You're welcome.

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That is so bad, it's too precious lol Even if they were having a laugh with the vid, it was a terrible idea :)
It is quite possibly one of the worst music videos I've ever seen. Intentionally bad, I hope! But it's hard to tell.
I am soooooo grateful (as will be my workmates if I start warbling thew damn thing unthinkingly :)
The more I watch it (and sadly I have watched it more than once) the more utter WTF there is. The dachshunds? The fish guy??? WHY????