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Medical beta?

I used to have several people on my flist with a medical background of whom I could ask medical questions. However, I think most of those people have wandered away from fandom/LJ over the past few years, and for my [community profile] marvel_poc fic (rough draft is finished, yay! \o/) I really need to run a medical scene past someone who has some kind of medical knowledge -- nurse, paramedic, doctor, something like that. It's a field surgery/paramedic scene. I can either ask you questions or send you the scene to look at, and I'd be happy to reciprocate with my own beta-reading assistance, writing you a ficlet if we share any fandoms, something like that.


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No, that actually sounds perfect, because my character is a paramedic, so it's a field triage situation. I'll PM you the details.
I'm a doctor, so maybe I can help (but I don't know the marvel-fandom you write in).
Thank you so much! \o/ I've got a couple other volunteers I'm running it by right now, but I will definitely hit you up if needed. I think it's a general enough issue to be non-fandom-specific.

Thanks again! :)
*facepalm* I knew that about you, but completely forgot!

And thank you so much! I think I've got the help I need for now, but I will definitely remember you for future medical questions! \o/
goodness, there's lots of us medics following you around, aren't there!!