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It's so coooooold. You know what the high is supposed to be tomorrow? 52. DEGREES. (That's Fahrenheit, obviously. It sounds even worse in C.)

I might have to break down and make a fire.


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I may have a few spare degrees to send you. They're in Celcius, hope that's okay. ;-)
...ahahahah I will have to remember to dress warmly! (today is just a wacky weather day I guess, it rained hard all day today here, which for Seattle summer is as weird as it not doing so in winter would be...)
Might actually be warmer by the time you're here! This summer is RIDICULOUS.
You get enough cool/cold weather in winter without summer throwing some your way! Wish I could send a few degrees your way too!

"Summer, you need to get back to warmer weather in time for sholio's birthday." *stern look*

There, I told it! So, expect nice weather soon, lol! :D :D

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It's been really cool here as well - right up until the last couple of days, when a sudden heatwave struck. Of course, then our air conditioning would pick yesterday to break. :P Come on, weather, get your act together!
I'm expecting a cold snap here in Missouri. Currently, it's perfect weather, but we're expecting to start dropping again here soon. I've been hearing rumors that it's going to be a nasty winter here...*sigh*
Go home, weather, you're drunk ;) Reading all the comments, it's like the cold is desperate to either stick around or make a come back. We'd been having our usual July heatwave when, all of a sudden, the weather decided it wanted to be rainy and in the sixties, which is incredibly odd for this time of year (not that we were complaining. It was a nice little break from the heat at the time, and it didn't last. But it was still odd).

Hope you get your warm weather back.