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The week's classes are done! The line edits on my novel are done! \o/ (Now I just have the hard part - rewriting the parts that need to be rewritten. Which I have exactly two days to do. This weekend will be busy, but at least it's the kind of busy that can be accomplished while wearing a bathrobe and having a cat on me.)

I would love to do something creative but I am really too brainfried, and I've been doing enough art in class that I don't really feel like doing art. So how about a fandom meme I saw somewhere. This one stretches my comfort zone a bit ...

Give me a character and I'll tell you two people I ship them with like them paired with.

(This may be purely semantic, but I changed it a bit because I don't think it's wholly accurate to say that I ship characters in most cases. I just like some pairings better than others.)

Any character from anything, provided I'm at least somewhat familiar with it. And you may get a lot of "no pairing!" answers, but I think for most characters I do have at least one preferred ship, particularly for those who have a canon ship ...

Let's see if anyone's around tonight!

Closing the meme now, because I probably should be thinking about bed, and will be too busy tomorrow. Thanks for playing with me! :)

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Ooh, interesting one. :D (And hey! I still have a Teyla icon.)

My #1 Teyla pairing is Teyla/Rodney. I don't know why I latched onto that one so hard, given that there is basically zero canon support for it, but there is just something about that odd couple that really delighted me. I used to groove hard on all their scenes in canon, and I wrote for the Sticks-and-Snark exchange for most (all?) of the years that it ran.

My other preferred Teyla pairing is OT4. Because TEAM. :D

(I suppose this is one of the relatively uncommon cases where I really don't care if a canon pairing is broken up, because canon never gave any reason why Teyla/Kanann worked as a pairing. The one thing I did like about it was that he was clearly a househusband so she could go out and have adventures sans baby. Go Athosians. \o/ And I did really like having the baby around, for story purposes if nothing else. But yeah, other than that ... there's really nothing about them that I found compelling at all.)
I used to like to read Teyla/Rodney too. But then I ran out of fic to read pretty quickly. :(
Team is always good - that's one up for SGA over SG1, I don't loathe detest and abominate any of the team, either version.

And I'm not sure I want to think about Teyla and Rodney and sex, but I agree, they are just lovely together in canon (given that they are both just behind Radek in my favourites list, this is not surprising:) As far as I can see, Kanaan is a little too much Walking Plot Device - I don't mind him, but there's no there there... I'd be surprised if even the most rabid shipper hated him...
Also, feel free to ask about another one if you like, since it's likely to be quiet tonight and I feel chatty. :)
I know it's the next day, but okay. Neal :)

(ps - sorry, didn't realise it was closed)

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That's okay! I just didn't want to wake up to a bunch of questions that I wouldn't have time to answer. :)

I think the only person I actually ship Neal with, in an actively-seeking-fic-about-the-pairing kind of way, is Peter. Which is also vaguely frustrating for me for a long list of reasons, starting with Elizabeth, and also with the fact that I really don't see Peter going for it AT ALL while he's still on the anklet, and I think a relationship would be terrible for both of them even post-anklet! They'd be a train wreck! But apparently I don't control my shipping brain, I just work here, and the pairing makes me incredibly gooey regardless of the fact that I HONESTLY THINK IT IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. This might be why I tend to gravitate towards AUs such as this one rather than reading a whole lot of canon-based P/N fic. And I haven't written it as much as I'd like because I have trouble overcoming my logical objections enough to write it. But still, I ship it hard.

(But not, oddly enough, P/E/N. I just don't see Elizabeth and Neal having that kind of relationship. My ideal version of the three-way dynamic is a "V" with Elizabeth and Neal being cheerful platonic friends, going out to museums and such, but not actually sleeping together. Which doesn't mean I can't read P/E/N for my P/N fix, but I kind of handwave the E/N aspect ...)

My runner-up ship for Neal is Sara, since I really do like them together, but in a fairly specific way, as discussed here. (Marriage and babies: no. Loosely affiliated lifelong friends-with-benefits, hey yeah.)

I'm pretty much okay with all of Neal's other canon relationships, but don't really ship them, as such.
I like P/E/N, but I think I'm with you in that the E/N is more to do with the fact that Peter sort of belongs with both of them :) When I think about it, most of the OT3 I like does concentrate on his relationships with both.

Peter and Neal have chemistry to burn, but I find I don't want them without El even in AUs - just me, but it does limit the reading a tad...
oooh! hm

Zuko/Mai is probably my big Zuko ship. I like them a lot! I think she has just the right attitude for dealing with Zuko's moods and yet appreciating him as he is, and he clearly seems to adore her. They have the potential to be a very functional couple.

I like Zuko/Katara in a weirdly specific way. In the A:tLA era, they're kind of an anti-ship for me (I think mostly because they so thoroughly fit a ton of romance tropes that I prefer them bucking the odds to remain platonic friends). And yet, I have a strangely inflexible headcanon that they remain friends for decades and decades, outliving both their spouses, and then one day sort of look up and realize that they're in love now. I like them as old people who settle into a quietly loving relationship rather than fiery young lovers, I guess.

I also really like the idea of Zuko/Katara/Aang, but I have trouble fitting Mai into that picture, because she doesn't really know Katara or Aang well enough for that to work, and I can't really see that relationship working as a "V" (with Zuko/Mai on one branch, and Zuko/Katara/Aang on the other). On the other hand, the idea of Zuko getting all possible love is very compelling. \o/

(Yes, I know that's more than 2. Apparently this meme is going to turn into "and then you get all my thoughts on shipping this character".)
Apparently this meme is going to turn into "and then you get all my thoughts on shipping this character

....Pretty much that's how its going for me.