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Some more recs

After a week of being largely in a creative dry spell, my urge to write/draw/etc finally hit today ... right before I leave for a week+ of visiting with family, which means there's no time to finish ANYTHING and also I still have to pack. Thanks a lot, brain.

Still, I wrote a bunch today, both original and fanfic. The fanfic was White Collar, some of you may be surprised/pleased to know. I still find it fascinating how quickly and easily I can write those characters; I sit down at the keyboard and bam, 3000 words falls out of my head. I've only ever been able to do that with SGA. I love writing for the MCU, but progress is slow and hard, even though it really shouldn't be. (They are superheroes! Canon itself is ridiculous! Why am I holding myself to a higher standard than the actual comics writers?) And yet.

Now I have that pleasant mentally-wiped-out feeling from a good writing session and I want to be chatty online, except I shouldn't start conversations when tomorrow morning is probably the last time I'll be online for over a week. So I figured I'd collect a few more MCU-verse recs and post them. Assume spoilers for "Winter Soldier" in EVERYTHING.

Music vids

I have basically been watching all of these vids on repeat.

Shelter by Gwyneth - This is an absolutely gorgeous vid (my current favorite "watch multiple times a day" happy-place vid, actually) that celebrates the aspect of CA2 that made me fall for it so hard: the theme of love and friendship and trying to protect the people close to you. Steve's relationships with Natasha and Sam and Bucky are highlighted in turn. All I know is to keep you close. Oh my heart.

Don't Stop Believin' by [personal profile] purplefringe - Fun, bouncy Sam/Steve (or Sam & Steve) vid set to Journey! LOOOOVE.

Firewood by [www.livejournal profile] nel-ani - Steve character study, footage from all the movies with Steve. The vidder does some lovely things with color vs black-and-white, and oh, Steve. *cries*

Counting Stars - by thedothatgirl - Tony/Pepper vid! A gorgeous relationship profile of my favorite couple in the MCU. eeeeee babies.

How Far We've Come by [personal profile] kaydeefalls - And now, back to Steve and his terrible, horrible, miserable life. This vid does a really neat job of contrasting all the thematic and visual callbacks between the different movies.

Problem by [personal profile] talitha78 - I cannot figure out how it's POSSIBLE that an absolutely ridiculous, cracky vid in which Bucky is Steve's bad-news girlfriend does a basically perfect job of capturing the underlying essence of their relationship. And yet it does. Plus it's upbeat, bouncy, and has really great editing.

Light 'Em Up by YumKiwiDelicious (link goes to Youtube) - Everyone's favorite 90-year-old supersoldiers kicking ass. Or, a minute and a half of total competence porn set to music.

It's All Coming Back To Me Now by Trelkez (link goes to Youtube) - Okay, so, this vid ... IIRC, it was made for Festivids a couple of years ago, and it's ENTIRELY based on the Winter Soldier comics storyline/art (vidded from a not-even-remotely-subtle slash perspective). I actually watched it at the time, before I had any particular emotional investment in those characters or anything other than the vaguest knowledge of how the storyline went, and went looking for it again recently because, hey, didn't someone make a Steve/Bucky vid to Celine Dion once upon a time? I have to say that it's picked up whole new dimensions of hilarity now that I've read all the comics. It's goofy, campy, and yet heartfelt sincere at the same time, and probably worth watching just for how capably the vidder animates the static comics panels, especially towards the end once they have the 2000s-era art to work with (not that they don't do some amazing things with the Golden Age Captain America art).

Always by [personal profile] genusshrike - Steve, Bucky and Bon Jovi. I suppose it's evident by now that I have bargain basement tastes in vid music, but I don't caaaaare, Steve and Bucky's storyline has that particular quality of overblown mythic melodrama that means it deserves ALL the '80s rock ballads in the WORLD. (Please someone make more MCU vids to '80s and '90s pop, I will roll around in them FOREVER.) This vid is great and I could watch it forever.

And here is another dump of tumblr ficlets. Like the last time, these are presented with minimal description or commentary; most are not more than a few paragraphs long anyway. And they pretty much all feature Bucky, which is not so much an accurate indication of what's out there, but rather, what I tend to save.

Sam & Bucky wings AU - eeeee this is so gorgeous!

Sam/Bucky + team snowball fight

Sam and Bucky h/c

Steve making Bucky blush

Steve and Bucky have a telepathic bond and this goes just about as traumatizingly as you would imagine

Steve and Bucky bodyswap

Steve and Bucky leaving post-it notes for each other

Bucky/Steve/Natasha with bedsnuggling

more Bucky/Steve/Natasha cuddling

Bruce is allergic to cats and the results are adorable

this is just not right

Bucky teaches Pepper to fight

Bucky and Natasha have the worst sense of humor

Bucky realizes he's a hero now

texture helps Bucky ground himself, so his friends start giving him objects to help with that

Bucky disassociates and his friends help him come back

Bucky in Sam's therapy group

Steve/Bucky and Sam/Nat with sexting

Bucky learning slowly to let other people have his back for a change

Steve & Bucky domestic fluff (ish)

why Bucky didn't tell Steve about what was done to him in Zola's torture chamber

Bucky having nightmares

everyone mother-henning a sick Bucky

Steve finding Bucky after TWS

Sam/Bucky sweet fluff

Sam/Bucky soulmate AU where you have a soulmate mark appear wherever the person first touches you

Steve and Bucky crash into the Arctic together

Sam & Bucky action/mission ficlet

Bucky gets fan mail from kids

Sam taking care of Bucky with the flu

seasons change but people don't

a date that ends badly

"like walking a chihuahua with aggression issues"

And finally, I SWEAR I will manage to do an actual fic rec post at some point, but this one is so adorable I have to rec it now:

Guppy Love by Omnicat - Steve/Bucky AU in which Bucky is a merperson. WAIT PLEASE DON'T RUN AWAY. XD This is only a slight AU - it still follows more or less the canon storyline, except Bucky develops a fish tail in water -- and it's unbearably sweet and adorable and full of love/snark/boys-being-darling and pretty much my fic happy place at the moment. There is also a partial sequel on Tumblr during their WWII years with slight hints of Steve/Bucky/Peggy.

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LOL I never said anything of that sort. you know, this is actually the thing I don't understand about people. In fanfic world, loving is whumping. I love Peter, all I want is for him to be happy. I do enjoy Peter-centric fics obviously, but because I have such a soft-spot for him, I can't stand him being hurt, and pained. (which is why I have no problem with the common dynamic of whumpy Neal and heroic Peter. ;-) Not that I really want anything bad to happen to Neal either...)
Do you have any idea what a wreck I was when I accidently heard about the car accident there would be in season 4? Or the wreck I was those 8 or 9 months of hiatus where Peter was in prison?!
(it usually gets better once I see him going through those things because Peter is a tough guy and he was okay in the end... But still...)

Though yeah, I do very much want to hug him tight.
Yay, White Collar fics!! :D :D

Though yes, why does the brain decide to be all creative and let's write/make art/vids at the most inconvenient of times?!! I'll never understand that!
Yeah, and then it went into creative overdrive when I had no computer, so I ended up having to write fic IN LONGHAND. My hand does not thank me. Nice to know I can still compose on paper, though!

Happy to share! (Truth be told, I've been saving tumblr ficlets into a text file, because I know that I will never find them again. And as has been my habit for a decade when I copy-paste fanfic to save it, I save the URLs along with the fic. So I have them all handy! At least for the tumblr fic that intrigued me enough to save in case I ever want to read it again.)
You're back! \o/

I've actually been saving my bookmarks in a text file for the last... gosh. ~12 years? I lost my in-browser bookmarks three times in a row within the space of a few months and I've just been doing the text file thing ever since. It allows for notes, etc. I generally don't c&p fic to save, tho-- it seems like so much work!
I've been copy-pasting fic since, ohhh, 1999 or so. I started adding the URL after a few times of wanting to rec a story to somebody and realizing that the only way to do it was to google the title and/or author. (Although I doubt if most of that early fic is online anymore now, either ...)

I think my current time in MCU fandom is actually the first time I HAVEN'T ended up with a whole bunch of copy-pasted fic. I do have a few, and the tumblr fic of course, but since nearly all of the good fic is on AO3 rather than scattered between LJ/websites/ffn/etc, I have just been bookmarking stuff there instead. (And yeah, I used my bookmarks before, but this is the first time I've used it extensively. Even back when I was on ff.net, my copy-paste system was so entrenched that I used to use the favorites as a backup or just for long chaptered fic that was too much of a pain to download manually.)

... mostly because I realized that I actually don't go back and reread stuff on my hard drive all that often! The formatting is pretty wonky on most of my pasted fic, even the more recent stuff that's pasted as RTF rather than plain text. I'm WAY more likely to go reread it online. And fic is a whole lot less likely to disappear on the big archives.