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You know, when you really can't make a drawing come out right, flipping it and drawing it upside down is incredibly helpful, at least if you're drawing from a reference (in this case, a photo of a shoe from an awkward angle). It forces you to stop drawing what you "know" is true and just look at the lines and angles. (In other news, WHY ARE FEET.)

Playful speculation about Age of Ultron aside, I have absolutely no idea how I am going to manage to stay unspoiled between now and May 1 2015. NOT A FREAKING CLUE. I only managed to be as unspoiled as I was for the recent crop of Marvel movies because I was a) mostly interested in the Iron Man parts of the franchise, and b) not on tumblr all that much (and even so, I did get a couple of pretty major spoilers for Thor 2; it's nothing short of a miracle that I didn't know anything about Cap2 going into it, but I think that's actually one reason why I enjoyed it so much). Now that I'm following a bunch of Avengers-related blogs on Tumblr, there is NO HOPE, especially since movie trailers come out so long before the actual movies. (It wouldn't surprise me if there's an Avengers 2 trailer associated with Guardians of the Galaxy. Which I'm really looking forward to, by the way. Yes, I know it's going to be ridiculous. Hopefully it will be the good kind of ridiculous.)

Despite watching nearly every superhero movie that's come out since the very first X-Men movie (EXCEPT FOR WOLVERINE, LET'S NOT EVEN GO THERE) I haven't seen either of the new Spider-Man movies yet, and I'm weirdly reluctant. I guess it still feels too soon for a reboot to me.

ETA: Fan video - Inception/Captain America AU with Steve and Bucky. AAAAUGH. (The only thing that annoys me about this is that you can't turn off the subtitles. Why not?!)

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You know that's basically what Neal taught Peter about forging signatures, right? ;-)
The new Spider-Man movies are actually very good; I think they're better movies than the Tobey Maguire ones. (Although yes, it was too soon for a reboot. But I forgive them since they're good.)
I've heard good things about them! I guess I'm just struggling to fit another Spider-Man into my mental landscape. (Though I guess they recast Batman ALL THE FRIGGIN' TIME ...)