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I'm trying something new with my sketchbook. One of the big reasons why I've never been terribly successful at keeping an actual sketchbook (as opposed to drawing on loose sheets of paper) is because I feel terribly inhibited about what I draw. Rational or not, I feel like my sketchbook drawings should be good, or at least suitable for public consumption, because other people might look at them (and if you're sketching in public, people do totally look over your shoulder; also, friends like to flip through each other's sketchbooks, etc). I feel kind of weird doing a nice artistic drawing of a flower and then having the thing right before that be an entire page of superhero legs.

... so I'm flipping it. The front direction is my "public" sketchbook: flowers, seashells, trees, etc. Then, flip, and the other direction is for experimental stuff, fanart, copying random bits of other people's art, badly drawn stick figures on which to drape Kismet costume designs, pages of experimental eyeballs, etc. Not that I would never ever show anyone the back half, but it'll at least save me from having to show it to curious grandmothers when I'm sketching in public.

I'm not sure if this will work, but I've tried having separate sketchbooks for different subjects and that doesn't really work either - it just results in even more mostly-empty sketchbooks with a few drawings in the beginning. So we'll see how this goes.

In other (comics-fandom) news, I have a brand new tentative prediction for Age of Ultron -- not based on any particular spoilers, just speculation due to the comics and various actors' general caginess about what happens to their characters in the future.

I'm starting to think they might kill Steve in Age of Ultron, then do the Bucky-as-Captain-America thing in Cap3, which would also involve bringing Steve during the course of the movie and being Cap again by the end.

I don't have any particularly good reason to think this, except that Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans are being SO close-mouthed about what's coming up for their characters and, in Sebastian's case, whether or not Bucky's going to be in Age of Ultron. It would fit the comics timeline really well (Steve dying before he and Bucky run into each other again), and spreading the storyline over multiple movies in that way actually makes more narrative sense than killing Steve and then doing Bucky-as-Cap in the same movie.

I'm not sure that's what I actually want Cap3 to be (Steve and Sam road trip with lots of bonus Bucky, that's what I want!) but it's a thought I had that I can't quite shake. I think one reason why it seems so plausible to me right now is because it would fit the general gist of the comics storyline while also being completely different from what people are currently predicting (which is Bucky succeeding Steve as Cap after Chris Evans' contract runs out). So far the movies seem to be drawing elements from the comics but not following them in any kind of specific way, and this seems like it would fit really well with the way they've implemented other comics plots like, say, Extremis.

It's pure speculation, though. Well, speculation fueled by the fact that I really don't want Steve to die permanently and getting this particular plot out of the way NOW would make it a lot less likely that he's going to die eventually to open up this plotline.

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I shouldn't have clicked. Shouldn't have clicked. Shouldn't have clicked. *aaaaaahhhhhh*

I'm so scared of them killing Steve off and not bringing him back ever since I read that Chris Evans has "only" a 6 movie deal and learned that Bucky is going to be Cap at some point (you have no idea how happy I've been when I discovered that Steve comes back at some point in the comics). /o\

I have no clue about the comics so I can't say anything about how the movies take them into account and balance/play with them and that makes everything harder for me too because I can't gauge in any way how they'll do it... I just hope that they either go your way or at least show us that he is still alive at the end of the movie in which they kill him (And I'm going to cry so much in that movie.).
Yeah, I'm worried too, although I know that it's WAY too early to be concerned really, since he still has 3 movies on his contract and even Tony, who's been in the most movies of all, hasn't been in 6 of them yet! And there's always the possibility that he'll renegotiate his contract and won't actually vanish when it's up ...
Interesting! My brother predicted that they'd be killing Cap and letting Bucky step in, but he thought Chris Evans had a four movie contract and Sebastian Stan six. Evans definitely has six and has publicly said he's committed to doing them all, and that Loki: The Dark World doesn't count as one of the six, because that was only a cameo. (And it was a hilarious cameo; I loved it!)

Now Googling shows me that Stan doesn't have a six movie deal but nine Marvel movies; he has only done two. So I'm guessing at this point he almost has to be in Avengers 2—I mean, with seven movies left to go, if they're not careful, he's gonna age out of the role, and then what are they going to do! (If Harrison Ford had been younger, would he still have broken his leg? Considering that apparently someone dropped a garage door on it, the answer is probably yes. Still, one generally wants one's action heroes not to be collecting Social Security between movies.)

But I'm not ready for Bucky to be Cap! I want the Steve'n'Sam road trip too! I want Bucky to deal with his angst on-screen, not 100% off-! I want Steve to be there for him! I certainly don't want Steve to die before he and Bucky reunite! That would be terribly unfair, even if he does come back to life eventually.

I of course have only read the first two Captain America: Winter Soldier collections, so I suppose I could have been spoiled . . . except that the title The Death of Captain America is on my list, and that's pretty hard to misconstrue (although I'm an English professor, so I probably could without a whole lot of effort! ;-) ) And except for your spoiler warning for the comics universe. I really have to get the next few. (I just hate shopping and am trying to use Amazon as little as possible. We have two local indie comic book stories; I just don't feel like driving. Or calling. It's not quite a shopping phobia, but it's a strong distaste, particularly when the places are so small that they might remember me.)

I've come to like Chris Evans quite a bit between the most recent movie and the interview clips I've seen, and I would be sorry to lose him. I hope we'll see him in Marvel movies for years yet to come! He's being careful to keep other projects, and his hair and beard look so different than Captain America's clean-cut blond look that when I first saw him in an interview, I was like: "Wait: someone said Chris Evans is here, but none of them is Chris! And who's the guy with the beard? Ohhh."
Yeah, Chris Evans seems like SUCH a sweetheart, and he's so different-looking from Steve! I really hope they don't burn him out; on top of the movies being very demanding, Marvel has their actors do some pretty intense press tours and promo work. If he gets to the end of his contract and doesn't hate it, there's always the possibility that he'll stick around, even if he's just appearing in small roles (this is what I fully expect Robert Downey Jr. to do -- I don't know what his current contract status is, but with Tony's emotional storyline in a good stopping place and no new Iron Man movies on the horizon, I'm expecting Tony to kind of fade into the background a little bit while still being definitely "on stage" when the Avengers are together -- I would hope for something similar when Chris eventually runs out of contract).

.... but yeah, even though eventually I hope they do some version of the Bucky-as-Cap storyline (PREFERABLY WITHOUT ACTUALLY KILLING STEVE FOR REALS) it feels way too soon. There is so much I want to see first -- Steve and Bucky bonding, and Bucky starting to movie past his trauma ... one thing the MCU movies have been GREAT for is (relatively) realistic depictions of trauma, like Tony's PTSD, and I have high hopes that they'll do a good job with Bucky's.

Basically after a traumatic movie like Cap2, I really want Cap3 to be about healing and bonding and everyone working together. I'm not sure how many more angstfests my heart can handle ...
I really hope they don't burn him out; on top of the movies being very demanding, Marvel has their actors do some pretty intense press tours and promo work.
And apparently Evans has social anxiety, enough to be on drugs for it. I can't imagine the traveling circus that a Marvel tour must be (I hope I'm not insulting circuses here).

Bucky starting to movie past his trauma ... one thing the MCU movies have been GREAT for is (relatively) realistic depictions of trauma, like Tony's PTSD, and I have high hopes that they'll do a good job with Bucky's.
Oh heaven bless Mr. Evans, even the basic promo stuff I see for most of my fandoms would be enough to INDUCE social anxiety for me - and I tend to be extremely blasé about socially-stressful situations. I hope Marvel has the decency to curtail his work there as much as possible.
Awwww, poor guy. :( I know he's talked in the past about having some degree of social anxiety but I didn't realize it was that bad. Doing the publicity stuff must be really difficult for him. (I can certainly relate to that; I'd absolutely dread it myself.)
... btw, regarding comics, you could also try ordering them from somewhere other than Amazon! Amazon is probably the fastest/easiest, but B&N might have at least the major TPBs, and some comics stores do mail order, like Midtown Comics or G-Mart. (The latter one, G-Mart, was my local comics store when I lived in Illinois, which is how I know they have a mail order service. Their website is kind of awful, but they were really friendly and pleasant to deal with!)

Hopefully this doesn't come across as pushy - I just wanted to let you know that other options are available! I hear you on the shopping anxiety; I tend to duck my head and try not to meet people's eyes when I'm in small stores where they might recognize me. :D
I've been making an effort to spend some of my money locally, and I also think it's good for the comic stores to see women—although if Free Comic Book Day was any indication, at least the one store gets plenty of female customers! Thanks for the links, though. I'll remember those if I have trouble getting what I want from the local stores.