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Avengers fanart: Catnap in the sun

I'm going to put this on Tumblr in the morning, but I wanted to let it sit overnight and look over it again before releasing it into the wild, since you can't easily tweak things once something's been Tumblr-posted. But there's no reason why I can't post it here right now!

This is for a lovely prompt by nefhiriel at avengersgen:

Bucky has spent far too much time locked up underground/going on night time missions. Cue rehabilitation involving a LOT of cat-naps in the sun. He doesn't even need a chair. He just follows the shifting sunbeams around and sits down on the floor and closes his eyes and enjoys the sunshine. And falls asleep. And amuses everyone, a lot.

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Awww! Don't know this fandom, but that is sooo cute! He's a bit like a cat, then, following the sunbeams!! :D
Aw, this is just too cute! ♥ I love how comfortable they all are in each other's company -- such a warm friendshippy scene. :)
Thank you! Heh, I wanted Natasha doing something casual - I was originally thinking she was field-stripping and cleaning a gun, but then decided to go for something a bit more domestic.
Aww! And Natasha knitting—with her scar showing! She can knit upside down? What am I saying? Of course she can knit upside down. She can probably knit under water, too, but it's more difficult to keep the tension even with the yarn being soaked.
Ahahaha! Yeah, I imagine that by this point Natasha is perfectly competent doing everything she normally does in ANY orientation. *g* And yeah, being comfortable enough to flop so that her scar shows around Steve and Bucky was intentional -- a measure of her comfort with them. (I am really curious if the writers have realized that they're going to have to keep the scar in mind in ANY scene that shows her partly nude. XD It'll be interesting to see if they stick to it in later movies.)
Thank you! :D Heeee, Natasha was my favorite to draw. She's just so comfortable and casual!
I absolutely love this. I have yet to see Winter Soldier and I AM curious to see how they did Bucky. I actually liked the character back in the Invaders comic. (though he was considerably younger than Steve in that incarnation if I remember right, it was more like a Batman/Robin sort of relationship).

That's a really sweet prompt too.
Thank you! :) I really like the MCU version of Bucky, although he's quite different from comics Bucky in a number of ways.
Wow, it's wonderful! :) Sunny :)

*Hope you don't mind I finally found you LJ, not just on AO3. For avoidance of doubt - I'm ShatrisLerran there* :)