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Winter Soldier fic rec

I saved this one to my Kindle to read on the plane, and then, uh, ignored everyone I'm supposed to be visiting with for part of today because I had to finish it.

your blue-eyed boys (Steve/Bucky, around 120K) - I really don't know how better to rec this than to say that this is really THE definitive post-Winter Soldier recovery fic. There is lots of great fic in this fandom, but this one is, IMHO, the best one out there. It is also unbelievably grim in places and triggery for probably just about everything (depression, self-harm, food/eating issues ... basically every common trigger I can think of except for rape is in this one). This is a very wrenching, disturbing story. But it's filled to the brim with love and h/c and cuddling and friendship and team feelings and characters being selfless and AMAZING.

(It is also, no lie, the kind of story that makes you go out into the world wanting to be a better person. This story gave me ideas for dealing with family members who are going through trauma -- I mean, obviously not trauma on the level of what's happening in this story, but it made me quietly determine to be more patient and supportive. There's a bit in the story that if you're willing to take a bullet for someone, you should also be willing to accept some hurt feelings, and obviously things can often be more complicated -- which is also acknowledged in-text -- but that really resonated with me. As well as just, generally, the characters being self-aware and giving and flawed and human and beautiful.)

As you can probably tell I still have many feelings about this.

The best thing I can compare this to, as far as fic I've loved in other fandoms, is The Hard Prayer by Rheanna (SGA, John/Rodney). I loved this story for similar reasons to why I loved that one. If you liked that one, you might like this (and vice versa).

(Also, if Steve/Bucky is not your pairing, it's actually possible to read the first half of the story -- it's posted in two parts, plus a prologue and epilogue -- as gen. Not that I'm necessarily recommending this, since the second half is where most of the emotional payoff kicks in, and I also feel a bit weird about mentioning it since it's clearly against the intended authorial reading of the fic -- but it's possible.)

*special note to [personal profile] xparrot: I know this isn't your normal fandom/pairing, but I think you might like this anyway because of your fondness for characters whose world, on both a gen and a pairing level, revolves around each other -- where the pairing is sort of a side note to a particularly obsessive level of "weird for each other". This story seemed to me that it might really hit that kink for you. As well as buckets of h/c, of course. ^^;;

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Heeee - even before I got to your final note I had opened the link in another tab, because it sounded worth checking out if nothing else (okay, saying a story has "love and h/c and cuddling and friendship and team feelings and characters being selfless" is pretty much guaranteed to make me check it out, at least! :D)

I will have to see how it plays for me, being only tangentially into the fandom - but that's to the advantage, too, as I don't have an alternate OTP for Steve to interfere...

--and I'll download that SGA fic while I'm at it, as I never read that one! (meant to but it was near my end of the time in the fandom, never got around to it...) I just need time to read! (and Skin Game is on its way here too...!)
heeee~~! Well, we do have similar tastes in this area. And it's quite possible that being not so into the characters will be helpful in this case, because this is one of those stories with a ton of depth to the characterizations that isn't really in the original source material. I actually got into this author's fic by reading a story in a fandom that I am COMPLETELY unfamiliar with (have never read a single one of the books) -- David Eddings' Belgariad. I started reading it just out of idle curiosity because of a particularly intriguing rec, and ended up ADORING it -- it's a really neat look at a relationship between a character who's asexual and touch-averse, and a character who uses touch/sex to relate to people. (That one is here, btw, if you're curious.) This story is very different, of course, but I really love the way this author handles characters dealing with trauma and expressing love/devotion in atypical ways.

SKIN GAAAAAAME! \o/ I didn't pre-order it because I was planning on buying it directly, but now Orion and I are fighting over custody because neither of us would have time to finish the book while we're in Florida, and then he's going to Europe while I'm going back to Alaska, so WHO GETS THE BOOK?! (Important questions!) I may end up waiting 'til I'm back in Fairbanks and buying it there. Should've pre-ordered, I guess ... ^^;;
--Oooh I will have to check that other fic out as well - never read any of Belgariad, but I admit, I will read just about anything that has an asexual character...

ahahah book custody battles are important indeed! (you could buy a Kindle copy, give Orion the hardcopy?)I didn't remember to pre-order Skin Game until, uh, yesterday...the date kind of snuck up on me! so now it's still a day or two away, and the bro might claim it when it gets here (depends on whether it's before the weekend...he prefers to read books in one sitting, so can't do it on a workday, but that means I'll need to get through it before then!)
It is also unbelievably grim in places and triggery for probably just about everything

Heh. I wonder what it says about me that my brain has filed this story under "fluff" ... *hides*
ahahaha, mostly just that different readers get different things out of fics, I think. XD It is definitely a very hopeful story, and I don't think I would have liked it so much if it hadn't been, but for me it's definitely not fluff by any means. Mileage obviously varies, however!
So glad to see this recc'd, esp by you!

This is one of the best stories in this, or any, fandom.

I was thrilled to read the author had written Belgariad fic- I'm running off to read it!
It's FANTASTIC. The psychological nuance is so carefully and beautifully drawn. :D Definitely my pleasure to rec it!
I was mostly paying attention to the Avenger fics for a while, along with the occasional Harry Potter, Dresden Files, and SGA fics.

Now you got me hooked on Belgariad fanfics, damn it! :)
You really should read Belgariad, you'd love it-it's about a farmboy who goes off with his aunt and sees the world, and too give away too much more would be spoiling the books. ;) It's five books in the first set, and then there's a follow up series, which is also five books (I think). It's well worth it! :)