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Okay, the Minneapolis airport is kind of amazing. The complimentary wifi is nice enough, but the waiting area around the gates, at least on G concourse, is set up with cafe-style seating: comfy little booths with padded chairs and tables! And each booth also has:

- Plug-ins for electronic devices
- An ipad mounted on each table so you can check flight times, email, etc. if you don't have your own computer (for free)
- A card reader for swiping credit cards if you'd like to purchase anything that's not complimentary

I FEEL LIKE I AM IN THE FUTURE. I almost wish I had a longer layover here. Almost.

... boarding call soon, must go.

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Yes, it's pretty great when that happens. I used the same kind of setup in SFO (San Francisco) as far as booths with electrical plugs and wifi is concerned. :D Future cannot come fast enough as far as airport plugs/wifi is concerned!
All airports should be like this! I'd love to see these sorts of areas in other places too, like large train stations, bus stations and ferry waiting rooms!

I'm also waiting for the day that ALL hotels offer free wi-fi because all of their competition does... *daydreams*