Autumn-berries in sunlight

White night

We have passed the point where our nights no longer get dark (we won't have dark nights again until the end of July), so I climbed to the upper deck just now to take a few pictures and show you what it looks like at midnight here. :)

How about some CREEPY GHOST TREES.

This is the side of the yard with the workshop and boiler. (Creek off to the right.)

And this side has my greenhouse and the old driveway (no longer used; now it leads to a storage area for my husband's metalworking projects and old, defunct cars, which we seem to collect for some bizarre reason).

While the camera washed things out somewhat, it's not too far wrong; the lighting is ... fairly creepy, I suppose, at this time of year, since it's not dark but the sun is below the northern horizon, so you have an omnidirectional sort of light. The sky is bright, but very pale rather than blue.

In Russian, these bright Arctic summer nights are called white nights; I always liked that.

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Oh this is cool. I like this time of year when the days last long.
Your white nights remind me of the movie Insomnia by Christopher Nolan. Al Pacino is having trouble sleeping because of the constant light.
Thank you! :D Heh, I've seen that movie; it was a fun movie, although I couldn't help doing the stupidly pedantic nitpicking thing because they used the name of a real town and it was VERY OBVIOUSLY not that town. XD

But yes, I like this time of year too!
Wow, that's great! I've seen "white nights" visiting Sankt-Petersburg some years ago, but it seems even more impressive outside of the city...
(Also, is it wrong that I saw a creepy ghost forest and my brain immediately went "I want Peter & Neal to get lost in that forest"? :-D)
Thank you! Yeah, I think it's somewhat less noticeable in a city because of the lights and buildings and everything.

Heh, Peter and Neal in a ghost forest sounds like an interesting story ...
It looks ghostly, yes - and also, even in pictures - it somehow looks colder than it ever gets here in the depths of winter...

Oh, that's interesting -- "cold" isn't really something that I'd gotten from the pictures at all, though now that you mention it ...
Oh yes, that is a strange light! I wonder how Peter and Neal would cope with no dark at night? :)
Heh, Neal would probably be SUPER ENERGETIC and stay up for two days and get increasingly jittery and over-tired, while Peter would just draw the curtains and fall asleep (if Neal would let him :D).
thank you for sharing those. I adore travel and new things, even when watching from the warm comfort of my cellphone.
Yeah, there's something about the quality of the light on that white bark that comes off really photos!
Thanks! Yeah, it didn't look quite that creepy in reality, but it really comes off interesting in the pictures.
I know that it stops getting dark, but I have trouble getting my head around it. Thanks for the photos!
Thanks! Yeah, it's one thing to know about it, but different to actually see it, I think.
So interesting to see! I've always thought the odd day/night cycles for parts of the year would be hard for me if I lived in Alaska... I suppose you get used to it?

(Wow, though, looks like you have way more leaves on your trees than we do at this point. I want it to actually be spring. ;_;)
You do get used to it, though I need blackout curtains to sleep through the night; falling asleep isn't really a problem, but I always wake up when the sun comes up, and when the sun is coming up at 2:30 a.m., that's kind of a problem. :D

We are actually having an early spring this year! Normally the trees would be just starting to leaf out, but they started back at the beginning of May and are pretty far advanced by now.
Thanks for the pics.

It is hard to wrap my head around the fact that it is that Bright at midnight. Alaska has always seemed like a fascinating place. A while ago a friend and I were talking about cruises. We couldn't agree (I wanted an Alaskan Cruise and she wanted a Carribean one) so we never went.

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It would be cool if you could come up and see it someday! It's definitely an interesting place. :D
Just curious if you draw curtains or do some other things specifically to create night-time darkness to sleep, or if you just get used to it and don't need to?
We do use blackout curtains. Actually, because our bedroom is on the east side of the house and I need a really dark room to sleep in, the blackout curtains don't quite cut it -- we also cover the bedroom window with cardboard in the summer.
Very cool pictures, the trees do look very creepy!

What time was it? (Yeah, I did just realize that you said it was midnight!) I can't imagine going that long with no night!

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Heh, yeah, midnight. You get used to it, I guess. It's very different though!
OH WOW. How can you even sleep? Do you have blackout curtains?
Thanks for showing us these. I always find these things so fascinating!