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The ghost of Yuletide Past came to haunt me today

The old Yuletide archive was imported to AO3 today, which meant that I got "do you want to keep these fics" notifications on the fics from my very first Yuletide in 2007 - two fics which I had completely forgotten I wrote, incidentally. But hey, if you want to read them ...

And All the World Made New is for the Aubrey-Maturin books and is Baby's First Femslash. This was my assignment, and it was not the fandom that we matched on. However, the recipient had requested these books (which I love) and a particular pairing (Sophie/Clarissa) which had honestly never occurred to me -- at this point in time, I was strictly a gen + canon pairings girl -- but I was intrigued by the challenge, both of doing that particular pairing and of writing a pastiche of O'Brian's style. Since I had zero experience writing romance, I now realize I could've done a much better job of setting up the pairing (it's really the gennest romance ever), but eh, it's okay. There's bonus fake-historical documentation for extra fun.

And then there's Norway, set in CJ Cherryh's Alliance-Union universe with the Hellburner crew, which was a pinch hit that I picked up. I still think this is a good little domestic slice-of-life story; I'm pretty happy with my pastiche of Cherryh's style, as well as the way that the story generally nails down my usual combination of team + chosen family + prickly people being prickly. (I did have an awfully hard time figuring out how to tag it on AO3 -- when the archive imports stories, you need to edit the story and select tags beyond the basic fandom tags -- because it's not quite gen, it's not quite F/M, it's not quite slash; that particular canon is not explicitly poly but it's four people being VERY WEIRD about each other, with the vague implication that they've probably slept together/will sleep together in every possible combination at some point, and how do you even tag that?) I think the only thing that I messed up, canon-wise, is that the whole reason I set it in actual Earth Norway is because I'd remembered Oslo being where Ben almost got assigned on Earth before Dekker happened to him, except when I re-read the books after writing the story, it turned out to be Stockholm. Woops. :P

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Hello, just dropping by to say I still enjoy rereading "Norway" every so often, and thank you for writing it! (It never occurred to me about the Oslo vs Stockholm thing - I just loved that while, in this universe, Norway usually means big scary warship, here they are actually visiting the real Norway - with reindeer and all.)
Oh wow, thank you! :D That really means a lot to me, especially since it's such a VERY tiny fandom. (I still hope she might someday write another book with the Hellburner crew .... I mean, I don't expect it, but if she ever did, I would be so there for that. Me and my love of prickly, messed-up characters ...)