Avengers-Steve Bucky past

Recs, part one

I have absolutely no idea what to pick as an overall tag for my shiny new Captain America fixation. Avengers? Captain America? MCU? Marvel? The trouble is that the franchise is so huge and amorphous, and there's comics stuff and movie stuff and Avengers-related stuff and stuff that isn't really Avengers-related at all. Right now I seem to be using "captain america" in some instances and "avengers" in others, with "comics" thrown in occasionally for variety. I'm sure this will make it impossible to find anything in the future. AUGH.

Anyway, I have been meaning to rec some of the pretty/fun/shiny things that I've found. I figured I'd start with music videos because there are relatively fewer of them. I'm also reccing Captain America-related fanart over at [community profile] fanart_recs this month (I just got started, so there is only one rec so far) but that's probably where I will be putting the fanart rather than making a separate post for it.

Only a few of these contain spoilers for the new movie, but I figured I'd put it all under a cut regardless.

All These Things That I've Done by Yunuen - Avengers movie tribute vid, gorgeously edited and so pretty.

Raise Your Glass by [personal profile] such_heights - delightful teamy vid with all the supporting characters too!

The War Was In Color by [personal profile] settiai - The definitive Steve Rogers character study.

Carry On by [personal profile] settiai - Steve and Bucky tribute vid (made before the current movie, so no Winter Soldier); gorgeous and heartbreaking in all the best ways.

Drawn On Tear by catwalksalone - Steve & Bucky vid, pre-Winter Soldier, so prepare to have your emotions savaged with a cheese grater. Gorgeous and gentle and so them.

Real World by [personal profile] kuwdora - A fun, fast-paced, wonderfully edited character study of Tony; lots of IM3.

We Might Fall by WeJustPlayOurPart - Vid about the whole Marvel movie universe, including the X-Men and Spiderman films as well. Winter Soldier spoilers.

Will You Follow? by ForsakenWitchery - A very nicely edited Winter Soldier vid set to an absolutely perfect song. Some cam footage.

It's Where My Demons Hide by All-Things-Geeky - Winter Soldier vid, made with mostly cam footage, but so wrenching and sweet and hurty (my babies are in pain, help)

Remembrance by Loki - Winter Soldier/First Avenger vid, nicely done w/mostly high-res footage but some cam footage as well. This vidder also has several other Winter Soldier vids that are well worth checking out!

The End of the Line by Pteryx - Winter Soldier vid, nearly all high-res footage.

Holding Out for a(nother) Hero by [personal profile] china_shop - A lovely Sam and Steve vid! (The only reason why this one is so far down the list of favorites is because I, er, have a deep aversion to the particular cover of the song used in the vid, but it's gorgeously edited and wonderful and SAAAAAM. ♥)

I am really into vids right now, so if you have any others you'd like to rec, toss a link in the comments - the more the merrier!

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Oh, vid recs! Yay! I love movie vid recs (blockbuster movies often have some seriously awesome footage that can blow you away in well edited vids).
I'll have to look through this in more detail, which ones I can watch, since I haven't seen Winter Soldier yet. I watched "All These Things That I've Done" and wow, that is some great editing.
I had to laugh when I saw "It's Where My Demons Hide" on the list. For one, it's always a bit strange when you watch a vid to the same song you've vidded yourself, even if it is for a different fandom (which is why I'm glad that that seems to be the only song I've vidded before on the list). But the best part is that I just watched an Orphan Black vid to that song -- really just, maybe an hour ago. Anyway, I'm still hoping that I'll get around to seeing Winter Soldier sooner or later, so I hope I'll find this post again once I saw it (I'm pretty bad at bookmarking stuff because I'm generally rather unorganized).
Getting off topic here, so what I wanted to say was thank you for the recs and I'm looking forward to watching my way through them.
Thank you - I'm glad they are useful! :D I didn't remember that you had vidded that song - was it White Collar? And heh, yeah - it hasn't happened to me much, but it's happened a couple of times, and it's always a bit weird to see different visuals to a song I've made a vid to.

Fingers crossed that you might someday be moved to vid in this fandom; you're one of the most skilled vidders I've run across in any fandom, and I would love to see what you'd do with it. :D
was it White Collar?
What else? ;) (I always intend to vid other sources, but somehow it's always back to White Collar for me, especially since the ideas for White Collar vids just keep popping up in my head and then I just have to make that vid so that it's out of my head ... And that almost never happens to me with other sources, probably due to my monofannishness.)

it's always a bit weird to see different visuals to a song I've made a vid to.
Exactly! It can sometimes even be weird if it's not a vid you made yourself, but a favorite vid you've watched many, many times, and the song kind of begins to equal that fandom/vid for you (although that's the exception; mostly, I don't have any problems at all watching different vids to the same song).

And thank you very much for the compliment! I really don't know about that (just the other day I've been working on a specific part of a vid for hours before I had to admit defeat because I simply couldn't make my awesome idea work -- like at all, as in 'it looked worse than before'), but it means a lot that you think so ♥.
I recently saw someone I didn't know write that she(?) liked MCU much better than the comic books, by which she seemed to mean the movies, but surely "MCU" means "Marvel Comics Universe"? I am confused. I am very confused by the whole fandom, who seem to write entirely contradictory things. Some come out of a comic book universe, I realize, and I don't know that. But I took a step today towards reducing confusion! It's Free Comic Book Day! BH hit one store this morning while doing errands, and they were out of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. "My wife's looking for it," he said. "She ain't the only one!" the guy said. That was the store where I couldn't get it before; apparently, they can't keep it in stock. In the afternoon we both went to a different store, and they had the same problem: everyone wants it now. I put in an order and bought the next two on that list you posted, so when it comes in, I'll be ready!

I will have to watch some of these when I'm caught up on various things. Thanks for the recs!
MCU is actually "Marvel Cinematic Universe" - but yeah, it's terribly confusing, and I thought the "C" stood for "comics" for a really long time, hence a lot of baffled-ness until I actually got the whole thing straightened out in my head. :D

YAY FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. And hee, I'm glad that people are buying the book, although like I was complaining about in our earlier comment exchange, come on comic-store people, it's such a no-brainer that people would be looking for it! You'd think movies based on books or comics are a totally new thing, the way they're acting. In any case, I hope you like them when you get them.

It is a confusing fandom to be part of, though. Just tracking down fic is difficult, because some of it is posted under Captain America and some is under the Marvel Cinematic Universe category on AO3, some incorporates canon from the comics, some doesn't -- and I have an advantage because I read comics for a number of years, so I already have some background to work from! I can't imagine what a mess it must be to come into it fresh, with no background at all. (To be honest, I never could have imagined myself writing in a fandom with such a huge, sprawling canon - this is why I never wrote Star Trek, because as much as I loved the characters, the canon was just too HUGE and the fans knew every bit of it and I was terribly intimidated. I felt that way about Avengers for a long time, but then it sank its teeth into me and all of a sudden I'm having fic ideas that simply must be written. I guess the id knows what it wants ...)
"cinematic"! Dang, I never thought of that. I should have Googled for it.

come on comic-store people, it's such a no-brainer that people would be looking for it!
I'd love to know how many they're selling. I haven't bought comic books in a comic book store in . . . well, ever. BH buys some, and I've been with him to a comic book store before, but I'm not sure I ever went alone before I went a couple of weeks ago (and bought the wrong way, but hey, I'll get to that one, too).. We also got some X-Men collections over the years, but I think we got those from Amazon. And I was tempted just to get these Captain America ones from Amazon, but I'm increasingly convinced that Amazon is an evil empire and recently learned that we have multiple local, indie comic book stories fairly near us, so I went there. I think they just expected to get the same old customers, but I wonder how many other people are making decisions like I did—there's a lot of vocal support for shopping local around here. (At least among the crowd I hang with, who tend to have university connections.)

There's too much fic! I started by looking for Captain America and then clicked the tag "James 'Bucky' Barnes," figuring I could go back later and look for "Sam Wilson" and . . . I've discovered Natasha Romanov/Romanoff/Romanova has so many spellings I can't even start. But I can't even keep up with the ones tagged with Bucky, which almost all feature at least one of the other characters I see. So I'm just poking around, and everywhere I look, there's more. I'm okay with that at the moment!
Yeah, it's been awhile since I've been in a fandom that's big enough you literally can't read all the fic! Shades of SGA. :D

It's also interesting for me to be getting back into comics, because comics were very formative for me -- I read them a lot growing up, and some of the first and most enduring friendships I made post-college were through comics fandom (not fanfic-type fandom, but talking about comics on message boards). But, with a few exceptions, I haven't really followed comics in a decade or so, certainly not mainstream superhero comics. It's both nostalgic and kind of terrifying, because the whole reason why I stopped was due to getting my heart stomped on all the time as characters were killed off or had their characterization taken in unpleasant directions. It's fun and nerve-wracking all at the same time!
you're making me sad I couldn't get to see the second Cap movie before it disappeared :-). Ah well there's always netflix
Awwww! But yeah, Netflix ... and it should be out in DVD quite soon (August, I think?).
I now have a new fannish thing, thank-you, Sholio, and its name is CA2 fanart. Loving it!!!!! I'm spending more time than I care to admit looking around for new takes on my new boy, the Winter Soldier (but worry not, Rodney McKay, you will always be my boy #1).
I'm glad to introduce you to something new! :) It's certainly stolen my heart.