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I don't often do this, but ...

Does anyone have a fic or art prompt for me for the Captain America movie 'verse? :D?

I would really like to do either one - fic or art - but I'm genuinely stumped for ideas; I think because the fandom/canon is so huge, plus I haven't done fanart in awhile, I'm just coming up blank on things to draw or write about. As usual with this sort of thing, I have a terrible history of filling prompts, so I cannot promise to fill your request. But if you would like to throw something out there, I'll see if it sparks anything! You can specify fic or art, if you like, or just give me a prompt and see what happens. Any and all characters are welcome, plus Avengers characters too (though it's specifically the Captain America movies that have eaten my brain the last couple of weeks).

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Before and After. Maybe a parallel story of Steve and Bucky before Steve became Cap, and Steve and Bucky now (you know, if/when Steve finds Bucky and tries to help him). Like, for example, them going to Coney Island then and now. Funny or angsty, art work or story, it doesn't matter. I just think the contrast would be really fascinating.

Or how about a story where Bucky starts getting his memories back, but in a way that one moment he's the winter soldier, but then a memory returns so strongly that Bucky kind of... lives in the moment, I guess? And his personality switches back and forth.

Sam and Bucky interactions.

Tony and Bucky and/or Sam interactions.

Bucky and Natasha, and how they relate to each other without their comics-verse backstory ...
I'm thinking art in particular - but trying to capture that moment when Bucky sees Steve after seeing the Smithsonian exhibition and knowing who he is. (Maybe that works as a fic prompt too?)
Okay,in White Collar, season 2 By The Book, where Mozzie's interested in the waitress, Neal asks why he's never brought her around and Mozzie has a line something like 'One look at you and I'm the whacky sidekick.'

In Captain America: First Avenger, there's a moment in the pub where Bucky automatically flirts with Peggy, because he's used to being the center of female attention, and she only has eyes for Steve.

I haven't dug too deeply into Cap fandom, but I haven't seen much done with Bucky on that: that he's no longer the hot guy with the scrawny tagalong best friend.
In a nice postcanon world where Bucky got back his memories and he, Steve, Sam and Natasha are a team.
Steve already warned Sam that Bucky’s idea of strategic planning consists of “rush in and get captured”. He didn't really believe it until today.
How about something with Bucky realizing the Avengers actually think of him as a person?

It’s my headcanon that he doesn’t get his memories/sense of self back very quickly, so while he comprehends that he and Steve used to be friends, and that Steve still thinks of him as a friend, inside he still feels mostly like The Asset. And he’s so used to everyone else treating him as The Asset, he assumes that’s his place on the team. It’s a great place to have, because they don’t keep making him get in that machine, so he tries really, really hard to be a good Asset. Until either a dramatic h/c incident or quiet domestic moments drive it into his head that all of these people may be just as crazy as Steve.

Or what about WWII Bucky sloooowly realizing that the experiment changed him? It’s my headcanon that whatever Zola did to him was slow-acting (since he doesn’t seem any stronger when Steve rescues him, but they’re pretty evenly matched in Winter Soldier), so he might have initially thought there weren’t any after-effects, that Steve rescued him in time, and then he realizes that something’s changing and he doesn’t dare tell anyone and now I have to go weep into a bucket.
As you were already saying, a scene that involves queerplatonic cuddling or real hesitant touches would be much appreciated. Your one story already went in that direction and made me think of the little prince taming the fox. Would that theme work for you for another story involving touch and eventual cuddles?

I'll try to come up with something a little more specific tomorrow ( aftr seeing the movie for the first time yesterday, I'm functioning on 4 hours of sleep and my brain going BuckyBuckyBucky at me all day -it's a little unsettling).
Oh, actually, I had a thought: After all those years in cryo sleep, what do you think Bucky craves more - warmth or the cold? If it's warmth, how would that need be met? Warm clothes, loads of duvets, heating turned up to sweltering temperatures that make others (Natasha?) complain, platonically seeking body heat?
my brain going BuckyBuckyBucky at me all day

I CAN RELATE TO THIS FEELING. :D (Though I hope you were able to get more sleep!)

Haven't written anything yet, but all the suggestions are great, and I think yours about warmth/cold is the one that's speaking to me most strongly right now ...
Then this is the moment where I tiptoe in, leave a plate full of chocolates and biscuits as well as a cup of tea for your muse and then tiptoe back out of the room. Happy writing! :o)
(Offtop warning) Don't have any prompts, sorry, but I've just seen it on my other f-list and thought you might appreciate - click! :D