Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Diana Squeefest :)

I floated the idea of doing a Diana fest back in August and then got too busy with the semester. It seemed like it would be a good way to deal with the winter blahs and kick off January, though!

So, presenting: The Diana Squeefest!

Everything Diana-related is encouraged: prompts, fic, picspams, recs, meta, or just comments about how awesome she is!

Especially welcomed: Prompts and fills on the theme of sending Diana undercover in better roles than she tends to get on the show. (This was the idea that we'd originally kicked around back in August; it seemed too limiting to stick to just that, so anything is welcomed, but prompts/fills on that topic would be especially lovely!)

A couple of house rules:
- Feel free to post fic etc in comments or linked from your journal, as you prefer
- Gen or f/f only, please (other pairings fine in background)
- All comments may contain SPOILERS for all aired episodes.

Finally, please feel free to signal-boost this, using the gorgeous banner very kindly created by kanarek13!

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Tags: diana squeefest, squee, tv:white collar
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