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White Collar vid: Fire Escape

First fanvid of 2012!

I started working on this vid back in June/July when I was originally watching the series, and made about 90% of it before my DVDs arrived. Then, DVDs in hand, I thought, "I should totally remaster this with shiny, high-resolution, logo-free footage!"

Which I completely failed to do (and don't even have the DVDs at the moment, since I loaned them to my mom and they are now making the rounds of the family DVD circuit). Instead I got sidetracked onto other projects. But I was too far along on the vid to want to just abandon it, so I went ahead and finished it from the AVI footage that I'd been using originally. I figured a finished vid with slightly poorer image quality was a whole lot better than 90% of a vid that would sit forever on my hard drive.

Title: Fire Escape
Artist: Fastball
Fandom: White Collar
Characters: Neal and Peter
Clips from: 1x01-3x10
Summary: "I can be myself, how about you?" Neal is the element of uncertainty and change in Peter's life. But neither of them would have it any other way.
Download: 57 Mb MP4 (zipped)
Streaming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMIgzgNDM-I

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Thank you very much! :) In a way I guess this vid was me taking clips from most of my favorite scenes and putting them together so that I could look at them as much as I want. XD
Aww, lovely! You are so very good at this sort of thing -- I don't know how you have the patience to make these, but I'm so, so glad you do!
Thank you! :) It's sort of addictive - I started doing it just to play with an old copy of Premiere that I had, and kept at it because it was fun. I'm glad you liked it. (And hi! Happy 2012!)
I love this video! The song does fit them perfectly. Love the clips you choose.
Thank you very much! :) This vid was basically me going through and picking out most of my favorite clips so that I could look at them over and over. I'm so shameless. *g*
Очень понравилось! Спасибо:)!
Ever thought I have never watched WC I thought I would watch your vid & see what all the fuss was about. Sometimes it sucks to be Canadian when Great US shows are not picked up for airing here.

The first thing I thought when I watched your vid was how awesome the video quality was. Even not being familiar with the show I still got a sense of the characters and thought the scenes related well to the song.

What software do you use? I have all five seasons of SGA and would love to get some "shiny, high-resolution, logo-free footage". Can you recommend good ripping software?

Maybe I should pop into the local video store and see about WC season one?
Thank you! :) I do recommend the show quite highly - well, obviously it's my fannish squee-thing right now, but it really is a good show, snappily written with really likable characters and good acting. If you can find it anywhere, I recommend checking it out! (And if you can't ... I might be able to suggest alternative sources. Ahem.)

My vidding software ... ha, I am SO not the person to ask, because I'm completely self-taught and I'm pretty sure that I vid like no one else in fandom. Well, okay, I'm sure there are other people who do it this way, but I've never heard anyone talk about it. I don't rip DVDs. I tried it, and hated it -- it takes forever, and the files are huge. Instead, I use a program called Snapz Pro (I have a Mac, but I'm sure similar software exists for the PC). It is a video screencapping program. Basically I play a little section of a DVD, and capture the video and save it -- usually about 30 seconds to a minute at a time. Then I use Quicktime Pro to cut the clips into smaller clips. The picture quality is not quite as sharp and clear as people get when they rip DVDs, but it's nice enough for my purposes. And then I make the vid in iMovie.

This particular vid wasn't made from DVDs at all, but from downloaded AVIs of the show -- which is why the network logo is on them. But it's way simple, and most of my early vids were made from AVIs; all you need are the downloaded AVIs and some program that can cut them up into clips (Quicktime Pro in my case, which cost about $30, but there are freeware programs that do the same).

I hope this helps!
Finally had chance to watch this and it's great! Loved the song choice, so fitting!