What a wonderful vid! Your editing was flawless and the whole thing riveting. You made me believe in Neal/Kate and that was a really hard sell. Thank you for sharing this.
This is wonderful. I absolutely loved it.

I'm a fan of Neal/Kate, and it makes me sad that there's so little for them out there. (I get why, but still.) So, this made me very happy.
Thank you very much! :) I know how nice it is to find something for a rare ship when there isn't much fan stuff out there for them, so I'm very happy to have given you that. :)
That was really lovely - great song choice, and you fit it beautifully, slow mixed with building action. You know I've never really felt the Neal/Kate, but you made it work here better than the show itself. (also appreciated that it got the Peter&Neal in there, too, of course!)

(Man, though, maybe it's just me or maybe it's how they make her up, but Kate to me always looks like El's younger sister. Or maybe El and Neal's lovechild. Something weird about that...or else it's just the casting director has a thing for vivid blue eyes...)
Thank you - I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :) (I was trying to contrast Neal's search for Kate with the life he's building for himself at the FBI, but I had trouble coming up with clips from season one that really developed that idea, so there ended up being a lot of Peter. But one thing I found interesting about picking out the clips is that it made me notice how integrally Peter is woven in and out of the Kate storyline in seasons one and two, right up to being the reason why Neal gives up the engagement ring and breaks his last tie to Kate ...)

Man, though, maybe it's just me or maybe it's how they make her up, but Kate to me always looks like El's younger sister.

You know, I've read/seen/heard a number of people say that about Elizabeth and Kate. I don't actually see it at all, but they even mentioned it on one of the episode commentaries (Jeff Eastin commented that people keep asking him about it, and he said it was a complete accident -- he added, "I guess I have a thing for brunettes"). I recently watched the first half of season one with my mom, and she got so fixated on it that she was convinced it was going to be important later on. I had to keep telling her that, no, Kate and Elizabeth are not related, and this never comes up as a plot point. XD

This is beautiful! =)

A great song to tell this story. Choosing the right song is so important and you did it! =)

Thank you! :)
Thank you very much! ♥ Isn't it a good Neal & Kate song? It made me think of them the first time I listened to it after watching the series, and I couldn't get the idea out of my head, so I had to vid it. :)
This is great - it really captures the sense of what their relationship was and what Neal saw it as, which is a complicated thing to achieve! It reflects Neal's arc to date beautifully. :D
Yes, you nailed it, particularly the "... how Neal saw their relationship" aspect, because that is exactly what I was trying to get across. :D I'm glad you enjoyed it!
You got me wibbling over Neal/Kate, which the show itself never sold to me -- very well done!
Found this through White Collar Rec.

Wow, this is really good. The song is so haunting. It fits them perfectly.
Thank you - I'm happy you liked it! That song made me think of Neal and Kate as soon as I watched the show, so vidding it was only a matter of time. *g*
So, since I'm using this as the first taste to try to hook my friend on White Collar, I thought I might mention this is what I think of whenever I think about Kate/Neal. It's perfectly gorgeous and the cuts and clips you've chosen merge with the song to make me feel that they were deeply in love.
Thank you! This is an absolutely lovely comment - I'm so flattered, and also very flattered that you're using it as a gateway drug! Good luck! (This song made me think of Neal and Kate from the first time I encountered their story.)
Oh. Oh my. This is ... *incoherent flaily hands* *hugs them both*

Found this through the recs comm. I'm a huge Neal/Kate fan, and there's not that much out there for them, and - this is them. The song is absolutely perfect, and rips your heart out in the best possible way, and I love the way you've arranged the clips to tell their story, and what she meant to him, and what losing her did to him ("everybody needs you" - oh, God, ow, oh Neal ...). And the ending is perfect - with all the hope and joy and possibilities that will never be realized for them.

This is perfect. Thank you.
Oh wow, thank you so much! This is THE Kate and Neal song for me; I'd owned the song before watching the show, but the first time I heard it after I started watching WC it just clicked in my head as Neal and Kate's song, and then I had to vid it. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!