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I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention this in at the time, but I got a great gift in [community profile] fkficfest: Malicious Mischief by [personal profile] brightknightie, a long, plotty casefile story featuring Janette, Schanke and Natalie (with a little bit of Nick). It was fantastic! I also got a drabble of my own by [personal profile] amilyn for one of my other requests that was simply perfect!

In White Collar fandom, collarcorner is open for gen prompts of any sort - I knew about the community beforehand, kind of vaguely, because kriadydragon is on my flist and she mods it, but now that I'm in the fandom, I can play too! And I cannot stop leaving prompts, help. I have so many story ideas right now that I don't have time to write. This is a great place to drop them off! I would be delighted if any of my prompts and requests inspired someone to write something.

I just discovered that there is a fandom love meme and that some wonderful person made a thread for me! ♥ I don't think anyone has ever done that before. Seeing that and the comments made me very happy.

... which I needed, because I'm still cleaning all most of the things.

I've been reading a lot of websites/blog posts/articles on decluttering in the last few days, and generally these are pretty useless for me -- I am a packrat by nature, I have an awful time getting rid of anything that might come in useful one day, and telling me to get rid of all of my [x] just makes me hang on tighter to whatever it is. But I did find a couple of tips that have turned out to be really helpful even for little packrat me, so I thought I'd share:

- For the most part, the stuff I keep is stuff that I think I might use one day (and often it does come in handy, which just reinforces and validates my packrat tendencies). But one thing I know will never be useful and hang onto anyway is memorabilia: childhood toys, ticket stubs and brochures from concerts and museums, junky souvenir mementos that I bought in various places, and such. One website suggested that if you have similar things from the same trip or occasion, keep just one of them (the best or most favorite or easiest to store) and get rid of the others. And it actually works! I'm not managing to do that in every case, but in situations where I have, say, a bunch of souvenir brochures or program books from the same trip, or a whole bunch of Barbie dolls that I used to play with, telling myself that I can keep just one or two for nostalgia and then pack up the rest to be thrown away or donated actually takes away most of the sting.

- Another tip I read somewhere that I have found very useful is to designate a box or container for a certain kind of thing, and then when it fills up, you don't get to have any more of that kind of thing until you make some room. I don't think this would work for everything, but it's turning out to be useful for some of the random non-essentials that I just keep buying and then never using. For example, I got myself a big clear tote box for yarn, and now that I've gone around the house and found all the bags of yarn that I bought for various knitting/crocheting projects, it's full. So I can't buy any more yarn until I actually knit some things with all the yarn I already have.

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